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YFA 3707



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Part of the Freeman collection, this film contains a variety of footage taken of the filmmaker's daughter near their home in Bridlington in 1951. The film includes footage of Sewerby Park, Expanse Hotel, Bridlington North Side, Filey June 1951, Roundabouts (old cars), Jean and Albert at Scarborough, and miniature steam railway at Bridlington Spa.

The film opens with black and white stock. There is a woman pushing baby in pram. Later a little girl feeds the chickens. This is followed by a shot of fish in pond and the family walking through the countryside.

The mother and her little girl play in the snow. After, they make their way up some steps and sit together on a park bench. The little girl then pushes a buggy along the grass.

Title - 3rd Year

The mother and her daughter make their way down a path from the house. The little girl is on a tricycle. She continues along the beach front. Next, her father holds her up to a letter box to post a letter. A luxury ice stand can be seen in the background. Susan pushes a pram down street, near the seaside, and then sits with her father to pose for the camera.

Title - Filey June 1951

The mother and her daughter, Susan, walk along the pathway. They stop by a small pond where children play with model sailboats. Next, Susan gets on a small rollercoaster before her and her mother make their way down to the beach. Susan sits against the sea wall where she eats an ice cream cone. She then rides on a car rollercoaster, and there are more shots of the beach. Susan's father carries her down the street.

The film now switches to colour, and Susan and her mother are in a park on a sunny day. At Kayes Bros Circus-Bridlington, Susan rides on some of the fairground rides.

The next scenes are of the family on the beach. There are adults and children who sit and play on the sand and drinking tea. There is a baby in bonnet and the little girl is in a swimming costume, paddling in the sea. Susan also rides on some of the fairground rides.

Back to black and white, Susan rides on a miniature railway. There are shots of the surrounding seaside and beachfront including sports cars. The film closes with Susan riding a tricycle along beachfront.