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YFA 3906



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This film consists of both black and white and colour images of the family enjoying different events. The family attend a race day and go on outings to the countryside. Also included is their stay at the Clovenfords Hotel located in Scotland. The family take part in sailing, swimming, golf and boat trips.

(Black and White)
The film opens with two women who are sitting in a car. They both stand up through the sunroof. Many cars are parked at the top of a hill looking down at the finish line of a race course where there is a horse race.

A woman walks out of a house and along the garden path past a dog. The woman gets into the driver's seat of the car outside the house. A large residential building, with a large garden, is surrounded by a stone wall. At the bottom of the garden is a stream with a stone bridge across it.

Several cars are parked outside a public house (Percy Arms). Hills and woodland surround a large lake. With cars parked in the lay-by, the woman walks to the side of the road to look at the hills in the countryside. Road sign: 58 Edinburgh, 8 Jedburch, England, Otterburn 16, Newcastle 64 - England, Newcastle 46 ?, Darlington 78 ?, London 318, Safety First

Hundreds of hounds run through an open field on a hunt where there are also two men wearing overalls.

A white van is parked outside a white hotel (Clovenfords Hotel). A black car pulls up to the front of a very grand hotel with steps leading down to a large lawn. The front of the hotel and the steps can be seen from the lawn.

A boys stands at the edge of the docks watching fishing boats (FILOTS). Many other sailing boats are docked in the harbour.

The father mother and boy play a few rounds of golf on the lawn surrounded by benches.

The boy stands on the beach. Sailing in the bay are a variety of small sailing boats. The boy walks along the beach and goes exploring in the rock pools with his mother, and they continue onto look at different things they find in the rock pools. There is also a little girl in a bathing suit who is also climbing over the rocks.

A woman jumps from a board at the outdoor swimming pool. A small boat carrying several people travels across the bay and into the harbour. The sailors help each other unfold the sails of the boat and hoist the main sail by pulling ropes on the mast. People stand on the docks watching the sailors and other boats that pull into the harbour. The two sailors sail the boat in the harbour with no passengers.

At the outdoor swimming pool a man stands on the top diving board holding another man on his back and dives into the water. Roof tops of houses and other buildings along the beach and seafront.

The boy closes the door to what looks like a pigeon coop in front of a sign (Royal Hotel) and walks down the hill slope. The boy makes his way up the hill and then runs down almost falling over. The boy walks alone on the beach next to the water's edge and along the rocks that go out to sea.

The boy walks along the lawn with his mother carrying a pair of binoculars, and visible are buildings which overlook the beach and seafront. The boy and his mother walk along the beach towards the sea. The boy walks along the edge of an outdoor swimming pool on the beach. Many boats are moored in the harbour. A single rowing boat is sailing across the bay. The boy, his mother and another boy play golf on the lawn. Three men sail a boat across the bay with a sailors flag (Union Jack with red background). From the boat the beach and cliff are seen in the distance as they sail away from the land. A red flag sails on the high mast (St Baldred). The boat sails towards the large rock island in the middle of the sea. On the cliffs are seagulls and other birds nesting. On the boat a sailor with a tattoo of an anchor on his hand shows the boy a box of eggs from the birds. On the top of the cliff is a light house. The boat sails past the fishing boat (FILOTS) as they both sail into the docks.

At the outdoor swimming pool, people are sliding down the water slide into the swimming pool. The two boys stand eating ice cream cones. Later the boys and their mother play golf on the lawn as people sit on benches around the edge watching.