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YFA 4652



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From the Jackson collection, this film contains a mixture of family footage from home, at the beach and the Bond Ville Model Village as well as shots of a new born baby.

Lots of this footage is overexposed.

The film opens with overexposed shots of what appears to be family members sitting around in chairs beside their cars in a field. Following this is a clear shot of a young girl standing at the side of a lake and smiling at the camera; she throws big rocks into the water.

The next scene is a bit overexposed at the start but captures a couple and their new baby which they pose with for the camera. Two older children play in a fortress which they have made out of chairs and bed covers. There are more shots of the mother holding her new baby.

Following this is a sequence of shots of a four children playing in a garden. One of then rides a tricycle, one of them shoots a toy gun at the camera, while another toddler tries to stand up and walks about holding her teddy. They move out to the front garden and play with the gun and ride on scooters. The young girl starts to cry and the older girl gives her a hug.

The children are on a beach digging in the sand and playing around. A boy and girl pose for the camera with an ice-cream and the adults sit on deck chairs.

Following this are shots of the children playing crazy golf on the sea front; their mother also has a go. After this are shots of the children at Bondville Model Village in Bridlington.

There is a sequence of shots of a beach, the children playing on swings, the mother holding the baby and a residential building site. Following this are family shots of children playing in a garden, weeding the flowerbed and playing with a paddling pool. The final shot of a new born baby and a toddler walking towards the camera with a water pistol.