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YFA 2590



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This film is an amateur documentation that captures a Yorkshire family over a period of two years during World War Two. The film shows family outings, home life and other significant events during the war, and also perfectly demonstrates how normal life could be. One of the main events shown in this film is the Pudsey carnival.

Title - May 13, 1940. Whit. Monday. Gradma's Walton and Gaunt, with Edith & Jane near Harrogate.

A young girl plays a racket game with an older woman by the side of a country road. Two other women, wearing hats and dresses, come along the road and chat with them.

Title - May 14, 1940. Edith & Jane in back garden at Owlcotes road.

A young girl and woman sit on deck chairs in a garden laughing at the camera.

Title - May 14, 1940. Edith & Jane in back garden at Owlcotes road, were joined by Doris & Ruth.

The young girl and woman are joined by two other women wearing patterned dress, and they all stand before the camera.

Title - June 15, 1940. Pudsey Carnival passing along Waterloo road.

A cadet marching band leads the carnival down a street in Pudsey, which is lined with wartime moral-boosting posters. The parade includes decorated floats with children sitting on them being pulled by horses, and they are followed by cadets, cubs and policemen. Also involved in the parade are several trucks that drive by, one which has the words, 'J.H. Goldsbrough - Coal and coke' printed on the side.

Title - June 15, 1940. At Calverley Parish church. The marriage of Mabel Fuller to Richard Wheatley.

Wedding guests wearing formal attire line a path as the bride and groom walk down towards the church followed by their wedding party. The filmmaker then captures church's entrance as the guest leave the wedding, and the bride and groom pose for the camera. The wedding party then leave and lots of people throwing confetti.

Title - June 23, 1940. Jean, Christine & Geofrey at No.58 Owlcotes road.

Two children and a baby sit on mat in a garden; the baby rolls around and cries while the children try to entertain her.

Title - July 24, 1940. Jean's 11th. Birthday Party.

Girls in blue and white dresses run around a garden and then dance together, before posing for the camera.

Title - July 28, 1940. Arthur Fuller off duty.

A man in a brown suit lights a cigarette in a garden.

Title - July 31, 1940. Ilkley bathing pool.

A shot from a distance captures the extremely busy pool, as a long line of swimmers queue up to go down the high slide
Title - Aug 1, 1940. Valley Gardens, Harrogate, and children's paddling pool.

An expansive view shows Harrogate Valley gardens, which is populated with many trees and benches. There are several views of different parts of the park, including the outdoor paddling pool, which is packed with young children and their parents sitting on the banks.

Title - Aug 2, 1940. Templenewsham house & Gardens with Edith, Doris and Jean.

Opening shot of this sequence shows a little girl playing in the courtyard of Templenewsham house. Fields, gardens and greenhouses are then captured by the filmmaker.

Title - Aug 4, 1940. Haworth. Fred Derrick called at the mill with his son Allan.

A suited man stands over a young boy as he runs around outside a house. A family then enter a typically 1940s motorcar.

Title - Aug 4, 1940. Country view near Grassington and Kilnsey Crag.

The filmmaker captures a shot of Kilnsey Crag.

Title - Aug 4, 1940. Called at Hebden to see Joe Ackroyd and his wife.

Four elderly people exit an old fashioned stone cottage and sit outside on the veranda. There are then brief shots of Hebden streets and architecture, before the final shot shows the filmmakers family and the elderly people standing by a wall.

Title - Nov. 1940. At Owlcotes road, Pudsey. We all watched Christine try to play piano with Jean.

In a house, a woman in a red cardigan and grey dress has music book called 'Waldteufel Waltz album' open on her lap. A little girl then helps a very young child to play the piano. There are then some sprawling views of countryside that may have been taken around the Pudsey area.

Title - Dec 24, 1940. Christmas party at mill at Haworth.

Here the stock changes to black and white, and shows various shots of men and women gathered round a dinner table with each person laughing as the camera focuses on them.

Title - Feb. 1941. Jean on drive with Christine.

On a drive, a young child walks around playing with an older girl and an old fashioned pram can be seen.

Title - Apr. 19, 1941. St. Margaret's church, Thornbury. The marriage of Edna Drive to Arthur Swallow.

Back on colour stock, the bride and groom exit the church and pose for the camera surrounded by many wedding guests in formal wear. A glimpse of the wedding car is then shown as the newlyweds drive off.

Title - Mar. 30 1941. Arthur Forward called to see us before he joins R.A.F. Apr. 9. Jenny and Keith were with him.

A man wearing a long woollen coat, and a woman wearing a thick fur coat, chase a young boy round a garden.

Title - May 1941. Jean and Christine with dolls and bed on back lawn.

Two young girls play with a doll in a garden.

Title - June 16, 1941. Broadbents and Swallows leaving No.58 after seeing wedding film.

Groups of people in typical 40s fashions leave a house and drive off in car.

Title - June 21, 1941. Pudsey carnival, Evening parade in Waterloo estate.

A procession makes its way through a street in Pudsey; a cadet marching band is followed by girls holding flowers and wearing dresses. In the midst of the procession is the carnival queen, who is in a big white dress with a long train that is carried by another girl.

Title - June 21, 1941. After the carnival, Jean had a tea party in back garden at no.58.

A woman and three young children sit at a table beneath a large wind breaker and have tea and cakes.

Title - July, 1941. Frank Buttery & his children in our back garden at no.58 & also Horace Moorhouse.

A man in a sailor's uniform sits beneath the wind breaker with two children, and another man wearing a flat cap.

Title - July, 1941. Elephants in Owlcotes road.

Two men straddle fully grown elephants on a street in Pudsey, and they are followed by a man and woman who rides horses up the hill.

Title - July 20, 1941. Nora Cowgill and her father in uniform, and Mrs. Cowgill and David looking on.

People, including a man who wears a military uniform, walk through a garden.

Title - Aug 4, 1941. All employees of the Bridgehouse Spinning Co.LTD. Filmed before Fred Derrick & A.Chuck join H.M. Forces.

A large group of people - including the men off to join the army - stand around posing for the camera. The filmmaker gets close ups of the men and women who are all wearing work clothing.