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NEFA 21966



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A home movie made by the Neesham family of Redcar begins with them beside a lake in the Lake District. The film then shows various views of the family together at home or with relatives that focus on their youngest child who starts the film as a baby, and grows into a toddler. The family are also seen visiting Albert Park in Middlesbrough where the father and toddler take a ride on a miniature railway. The final part of the film features dancers performing country and western routines as well as one individual performing various native American dances. The film ends with views of some of the exotic animal at Twycross Zoo.

The film begins with two small boys playing along the shoreline of a lake in the Lake District. A man sitting n a rock nearby plays with a baby on his knee. A woman helps look after the two boys and walks away with them hand-in-hand. The film changes to show one of the boys eating a sandwich before climbing into a car.

[Dark] General views show the man playing with the baby on his knee. Outside, one of the boys seen previously rides around on a tricycle. In the garden three boy play together, the older boy pretends to throw mud at the camera.

General views show the baby on a sofa and lying in a pram. The film then cuts to him sitting on the sofa playing with a rattle and a bright yellow soft toy.

Back in the garden, the baby, now a toddler plays with his family. The father holds the child’s hands as he kicks a ball around the lawn. The toddler plays with a walker.

A large decorated cake rotates on a plate. Sitting in his high chair is the toddler; his father sitting beside him holding his hand and singing ‘Happy Birthday’.

The film cuts to the garden and the toddler playing on a metal rocking horse. He sits on a red rug playing with some of his toys. He gets up and walks around. General views show red peonies growing in a flowerbed.

Inside the toddler sits flicking through a book and playing with toys on a rug. The film cuts back outside in the street and the child sitting in a pushchair, a second child beside him also sits in a similar chair. A woman pushes both chairs along the path.

The film cuts to show a man holding the hands of a boy who is standing on the back of a red push car. The car is been driven by an older boy, his brother. Two woman stand nearby watching as the car is driven into the garden. A woman watches over a third boy riding a bicycle which has training wheels attached.

A woman rides a child’s bicycle and is followed by two men helping a number of boys come down a slide which set up on the lawn. Sitting in a recess on a concrete patio, the toddler plays with a small spade.

The film cuts to show the fountain at Albert Park in Middlesbrough. Water spurts from it as people walk past the decorative flowerbeds set up around the fountain. The man pushes the toddler in his pushchair.

The film cuts to show the man and toddler along with other passengers riding a miniature railway in Albert Park. A brief view follows of the child patting a small dog, then a view of a mute swan probably on Albert Park Lake.

The film changes to show the toddler playing in a small rubber paddling pool. He is them filmed walking around a driveway of a house.

In a playground views show the three boys playing on various swings alongside their parents. The man helps the toddler slip down a long slide. One of the older boys pushes his younger brother and two women sit on a roundabout.

A brief view of birds flying over water changes to an even briefer view of a boy playing with a plank of wood beside the water.

The film cuts to show views of the family playing together in the sand on a beach. The mother and father sit on deckchairs behind a windbreak as the child dig holes in the sand.

The film cuts to show dancers performing various country and western dance routines for a small crowd of onlookers seated on deckchairs around the performance area. As well as couples performing country-western routines, the film also features an individual dressed as a native American performing a dance routine.

The film ends on views of various animals and birds, including a number of llamas and flamingos at Twycross Zoo.