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NEFA 21962



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This home movie made by the Neesham family of Redcar predominantly featuring the young family playing with their children, alongside family and friends, in the gardens of a number of houses. The film also features the family taking a walk through a new housing estate and participating in a schools sports day. The film also features a wedding that not only features the couple posing with the families for photographs, but also the reception taking place inside a hall. The final part of the film shows the family visiting Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire and views of the many animals there.

The film begins with a young boy and girl playing in a garden with their parents. The film cuts to inside the house and the children playing around the legs of a number of adults seated around a coffee table. Outside in the street a man and woman hold the hands of one of the small children, the woman waves at the camera as they walk to their Morris Minor estate car. Another couple get into a second car parked across the street.

The film cuts to show one of the Morris Minors seen previously parked in the driveway of another house and a man and woman watching over an older boy riding a bicycle, a young girl standing next to him. The second couple and their car are seen parked in the street nearby.

An older and younger boy play together in a garden followed by the younger boy sitting on the floor inside a house playing with a number of toys in a toy box. A man sits in a chair nearby.

A woman pushes a pushchair with a child in it along a country road. A man stands nearby as traffic moves slowly along the road. She waves them past. Two other men join the man and woman as they all continue to walk along the road.

The film cuts to show a well and a model house built in the garden of a house. The film cuts to show the group seen previously walking along the country road now walking along a path beside a new housing estate. A general view across a wooden valley shows a church with a spire and a town in the near distance. In the foreground the film shows the foundation of a new house still under construction. General views show the group walking through the new housing estate.

A man and woman push a pushchair containing a small child along a road, the film cuts to a man in a school playground picking up the child and swinging him around in the air. The film cuts to the couple walking across the playground, a young girl walking them.

Large crowds walk beside a large wooden building, a number of stalls set up alongside it. A boy throws darts at playing carts attached to the wall of the hut.

On a school field, a man and woman play fight. The film cuts to show a man playing on the grass with the young boy and girl seen previously. The man and boy begin to walk across the field, behind them a number of adults who begin to run, amongst them a man carrying a woman.

[Magenta] A small boy plays with a ball in the front garden of a house, his mother joins him. A pushchair is parked outside the house and a second older woman appears followed by a number of men.

An older girl and younger boy play together in the driveway of a house; the boy holds a hobbyhorse. A number of people leave and the family say goodbye including the two children. Standing nearby a man holds a toddler in his arms.

The film changes to show a boy in red riding a tricycle around the driveway followed by a young couple arriving with another child. The man opens the gate as the woman holding the child in her arms walks past the camera. General views show the small child playing on the floor. In the back garden, the smaller child plays on a swing while a woman runs around the lawn with the older boy. A girl appears and they play together.

A brief view shows a boy playing in a garden with a bucket and is followed by a wedding party coming out of a house. The bride and her father come out of the house and make their way past the camera. The film cuts to show the bride and her father walking along a church path, the film cuts to show the bridesmaids, ushers and flowers girls standing nearby.

On a grassed area a crowd watch as the happy couple are photographed along with other members of the wedding party. The film cuts to show the bride and groom leading a large crowd along the churchyard path.

In a garden, a woman organising the bridesmaids and flower girls in yellow dresses is followed by them posing with the bride outside a building. Inside at the reception the bride, groom and their families sitting at the top table besides a tiered wedding cake. General views show people eating, drinking and chatting happily.

The groom helps to remove the tiers of the wedding cake cuts to show views of people outside. The bride comes out of the building holding up her dress and speaks with a number of women. They walk along the path chatting.

The film cuts to show the happy couple posing together hand-in-hand. Back inside at the reception children run around playing as the adults begin the clear up.

The film changes to show a baby in a pram followed by a young boy in a red jacket coming down a slide in a park. General views show a number of boys coming down the slide including the boy in red. The film cuts to show the boy looking at rabbits inside a cage. Back in the playground the baby is held up for the camera, a shawl is draped over the child’s head followed by a view of a man pushing the boy in red on a swing.

A brief view of birthday cards on a mantelpiece quickly cuts to show a large tortoise in an enclosure at a zoo. A lion cub walks the perimeter of its cage as people walk past. Fish swim in a pond followed by a view of a smartly dressed young man standing with a parrot on his arm. General views show various caged animals and birds at the zoo including monkeys, seals, penguins, deer, flamingoes and bears. The film ends on views of the family walking around the zoo.