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YFA 2398



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. This film features footage of the Great Yorkshire Show and a trip to the Epworth Old Rectory, home of the Wesleys.

The film opens with the family enjoying themselves at the Agricultural Show. There are many long shots which capture the bulls and cows on parade in the main arena. This is followed by footage of Shire horses as well as some of the machinery on display in the different market stalls.

The next scenes involve the family playing in the back garden. Next, the filmmaker's son is running through a field. There are many chickens outside of the barn, and little boy runs after them, scaring some of them away. There is more footage of the little boy in the back garden before interior scenes at the family home. The little boy receives a blue toy car for his birthday which he briefly rides around the living room. A television can be seen in the background. There are then scenes of his bedroom where he has many toy horses lined up on a ledge. While sitting on his bed, he opens a few more gifts including a toy plane. He is there with his mother and sisters.

It is winter, and the family is outside making a snowman.

Now summer, the little boy runs around the garden, kicking a small red ball. Following this are more scenes taken from the Great Yorkshire Show, specifically the bull competition. All the owners, who are dressed in white coats, stand by their bulls. The Shire horses then parade through the main arena. They are harnessed together and pull large carriages.

Now back at the filmmaker's home, there are more scenes of the family enjoying themselves outside, including playing in the garden and horseback riding. There are also brief scenes of members of the local church gathered outside. This is possibly after a christening.

Next there are external shots of the Old Rectory, home of the Wesleys (founders of the Methodist religion), located on Doncaster. There is a plaque commemorating John Wesley, marking the steps from which he preached. The film ends with scenes of the Market Cross and surround area.