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YFA 5674



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This is a film of a family at home, and includes footage taken at Meadow Bank, Brick and Moody’s farm, Newstead, Roehampton, and the Norfolk Broads.  

The film begins with a man and a woman out walking their dog next to a large country house.  A girl emerges from the house picks up the dog and takes it for a walk, followed by a man emerging from the house and doing a dance for the camera.  

The film switches to show two men shovelling either coal or brick, or some such similar material, into a small wagon.  The wagon is then pulled along a miniature railway track by a chain, while an empty wagon is similarly propelled back along an adjoining track.  A man pushes a trolley laden with bricks onto the back of a van.  This is possibly footage related to Robinson Brick Company in Rotherham.    

The film switches again back to the house where the girl and a man are playing with the dog in the garden, where there are also some wandering geese.  This is followed by sheep and lambs being fed.  Two men and a woman are in conversation before we see several women in summer dresses playing a game of throwing a ring to each other in the garden.  

There is a large seated crowd and a woman feeding birds on her hand.  Women are having a picnic near some water, possibly the Norfolk Broads, where another woman is out on a rowing boat.  A group of deer runs across a field.  There are lots of women and girls seemingly having a picnic at a large country house.  A couple are out on a boat with a sail on a large stretch of water, together with a man and a woman, possibly father and daughter, who are out on a rowing boat.  

The film switches to a beach, possibly Filey, where people in swimwear are wading in the sea and larking about.  A group of five women and three men pose for the camera.  Then we see a woman peeling potatoes.  There are more sailing boats, with two women out on a rowing boat, and then two women walking along a country path, with the camera tracking them.  The film finishes showing a turkey and some chickens.