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YFA 464



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of his family at home and visiting a nearby farm where they observe typical farm life. The film features Chislett's daughter Rachel and other small children playing in the garden and at Christmas.

(B&W) The film begins on a farm with sheep and chickens, and snow up on the hills. The there is a reservoir with water pouring over the dam, filmed from a distance and close-up. Grace is standing by the reservoir with Rachel, in a body harness.

The film switches to a railway station platform, where a man, possibly a falconer, gets off a train. He is then seen in the Chislett's family garden opening a box from which emerges a Golden Eagle, which sits on his arm. He plays with the eagle, which is tethered to the box by a rope. Rachel comes over and strokes the eagle. Later Rachel is pushing a toy trolley, with another small girl on a tricycle, who gets off and kisses Rachel. They swap toys and the girl hitches a small pram to the back of her tricycle. They have a game of hand-over-hand. Later again, Rachel has a go on her new tricycle which she rides around the garden. Rachel is joined again by the other small girl, on her tricycle also, and together they ride around the garden.

The film then shows a farm near to their house, with the farm animals, including two border collies and horses which drink in a nearby pool. The farmer gets his pigs out to eat, helped by the dogs. There are chicks, and the farmer cuts into a giant mound of hay which he ties into a bundle and carries across a field to the sheep, placing it into the feeder. Two foals are let out into a field, and later the farmer plays with his dogs. The farmer then cuts the nails of a sheep, and attends to a beehive. He plays with a kitten in the farmyard and then tethers together several horses, which, with another man, he takes out into a field before returning them. The two men then play with the dogs. A creature - possibly a monkey - is in a cage near to a sheep with her new-born lambs. The two farmers, with a third man, are again out with their dogs walking along a coastal path at Filey.

Back on the farm the farmer's wife feeds the dogs and five cats. There is a field of chickens, and the entire farming family stand to pose for the camera. The film switches to show a harbour with a lighthouse on a pier and fishing boats.

It then switches back again to show Rachel sitting at the steering wheel of a tractor. Two other small girls dressed in white with bows in their hair stand inside a cart clapping their hands. A farmer holds up Rachel to look at the horses in a field, and she runs into the filed with the other two girls. They wander around and play with a boy, and sit on a stone wall to look at the horses. They then sit on the steps of the farm door stroking kittens, and Grace shows them the pigs. The girls cower from the pigs as the dogs round them up. They are next on the beach at Filey, with the girls sitting on the lilo and a couple of men larking about with the lilos.

(Col.) The film switches again to Guy Fawkes Night and Rachel standing in front of a bonfire, with fireworks going off. Next a whole farm barn has gone up in flames.

They are then in a wooded area in spring, with Grace, Rachel and another girl sitting, having a picnic. The two girls peak from behind a tree. Back in the garden Rachel waters the flower beds with a small watering can, which she fills from a large barrel that collects water from the roof. The two girls play with a smaller toddler on the lawn with Grace. The girls have an egg and spoon race and other races. There is then a group of families in the garden, with the girls sat eating. The two older girls walk around 'three-legged', whilst the smaller girl pushes a pram with a baby in it. A man plays with the two girls, pushing them up and down in a wheel barrow. The girls do more watering of the plants, and the baby smiles to the camera. The small toddler tries to walk around the garden, often falling over, and the girls take a ride on the back of one of the fathers. There is a sunset.

(B&W) The three girls are next siting at a table, with a Father Christmas doll perched on it, eating. They wave sparklers and look at some clockwork toys.

(Col.) The girls come up to collect their presents from underneath a Christmas tree, with snow outside the window. The baby, now slightly older, crawls from behind a settee to unwrap his present, a wooden horse with wheels. He crawls though velvet curtains and into a room where the other children are playing. The two girls are on a see-saw and the other is on a duck ride. The two girls then try to get a cracker hanging on a wall. The toddler continues to crawl about, finding a cupboard with toys in it. The film finishes with one of the small girls helping the toddler to walk.