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YFA 5739



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This is a rare film by Mavis Spence of Aberford, Leeds, wife of keen amateur filmmaker Roger Spence.  It is possibly the only extant film of 'Gilligan's Galloping Carousel', a horse drawn roundabout that husband and wife pair Lawrence and Hilda Gilligan made famous, taking to fairs, as well as the streets of their native Castleford, for forty years.  

Title – Fair People

The film begins at an outdoors fair, with children going around on a small carousel.  There are close-ups of the elderly couple who own the roundabout, Lawrence Gilligan and his wife Hilda. They are next seen on a street, again supervising young children enjoying the rides.  They then set off back to their terraced house in Castleford, with the horse drawn carousel, with Hilda riding on the back, and followed by their pet dog. 

Title – The End