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YFA 4601



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This film is part of the C.H .Wood collection and contains footage of a monorail installation system being used in several factory warehouse settings including Bond Worth Carpets and a car manufacturing factory.

Title-British Monorail Ltd.

The opening shot is of the camera panning from the bottom to the top of a stack of shelving units in a warehouse.

The voiceover says that there are many materials in industries that need to be handled and stored correctly and efficiently. This is followed by a brief shot of the British Monorail Limited factory building and the voiceover informing us that they provide custom built installations at the lowest cost.

Title-Factory Freeways

In a busy car factory, the installation system lifts and holds pieces of the cars, works on them and with the use of the monorail system, moves them along the tracks to other parts of the factory.

There is a similar scene in a factory that manufactures toilet parts. A worker loads little platforms with cisterns and bowls and the monorail system moves them up and to ceiling height where they are moved to another part of the factory.

The following demonstrations take place at carpet factory warehouses. There are very high rows of shelving for the rolls of carpets to be stacked on. The monorail systems are installed so that an operative can sit in a cabin attached to a monorail mast and move along the lengths of the shelving as well as moving to other sections. They can easily retrieve and carry the rolls of carpet using the grabbers on the system.

Voiceover says that monorail installations keep costs of handling down and are more efficient.

Title-British Monorail Thank the following Companies.

Title-Armitage Shanks Ltd.

Birmingham Regional Hospital Board, Boltless Systems Ltd, Bond Worth Carpets, Crossley Carpets.

Title-Dorman Diesels Ltd.

Halifax Rack and Screw cutting C Ltd, Holset Engineering Co Ltd, Herbert Morris Ltd

Title-Pressed Steel Fisher Ltd
Scottish Gas Board
Uddeholme Ltd
West Midlands Steel
Stockholders Ltd

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd

Commentary Spoken by Paul Kaye.

Title-British Monorail Ltd, Brighouse, England.