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YFA 5773



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This is a promotional film made by C.H. Wood for the company of Firth Fabrics, located at the Old Mills, Drighlington, on the outskirts of Bradford.   It explains how they make bespoke carpets and seat fabrics for cars and coaches.  The film includes extensive industrial footage of the weaving machines in action and the final products illustrated with the help of a glamorous model.  

Title – Firth Furnishings.  Fabrics in Motion     

The film begins with a female model getting into a Land Rover and driving through the countryside.  The commentary states that Firm Furnishings makes upholstery and carpet for cars that, “harmonises with the vehicle aesthetic and stands the test of time.”  Still images are used to illustrate that the company has been making textiles for railways since the 1920s, for coaches since the 1930s, for airplanes since the 1940s, and for cars from earlier still.  

This is followed by archive photographs of the factory, Flush Mills in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.  Bringing the film up to date, there is footage of machinery in action in the modern factory, during which, the commentary describes the production process.  It is claimed that each machine makes enough cloth for 200 cars each hour.  Many different kinds of surface, design and colours of textile are seen being made.  Car carpets are shown being pressed into moulded shapes to fit individual cars, and many examples of types of textiles are shown.  

The model is seen on a coach which has been fitted with their furnishings.  The film finishes with a woman inputting data into a computer.

Title – A C.H. Wood Production