Film ID:
YFA 1888



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This is comical film passing comment on the work of film processing companies.

Title:  ‘Exposure‘

The film opens with a stamp being placed on a parcel with the label ‘Box 14 ½ Outer Focus’ on it.  Then an elderly woman tries to cross a busy road to get to the post box, which she eventually does. 

There is a large industrial complex, possibly chemical, with barbed wire fencing and a sign which reads ‘Nodash’.  Inside two men in white overcoats walk along a corridor.  Then in the tea room of the company there are some scruffy looking men, ‘technicians’, with their feet up.  The narrator explains that when film arrives in the film processing department, the ‘highly specialised technicians’ spring into action using modern techniques.   The technicians are at a sink processing 8mm film using ‘Flash’, and drying the processed film using a hairdryer. 

In a lab a white coated man is doing chemical experiments to produce a blue line running throughout the film, ‘the envy of our competitors.’  Next, in the ‘Finishing Dept., the film is edited using scissors and a measuring tape.  A Brillo pad is used to coat the film with ‘Film Treatment.’  In the dispatch room, a man with a white stick and dark glasses packs the film.  The boxes, all intended for different locations, are filled with the wrong parcels.  In the Customer Relations Department, a man dressed as a gangster puts all complaints into the bin.  Back in the tearoom the ‘technicians’ sit around drinking beer and making paper aeroplanes.  The resultant film is shown as speeded up, and, with a cackling laugh in the background, three of the technicians are chased down a road.

End Tile:  ‘exposure … exposed’