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YFA 1457



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This is a film by the Ship Division National Physical Laboratory, part of the Hull Maritime Museum Collection. It shows experiments on a model boat in a large water tank subjected to waves.

Opening Titles: Ship Division National Physical Laboratory
Project 20.98 Experiments in Waves No 4 Tank
For Clelands Shipbuilding Co ltd., Wallsend, Northumberland
Ship Dimensions: Length 34.90m Beam 9.44m Draft fwd 2.86m Draft Aft 4.13m Displacement 680 tonnes
Model 5280 Scale 1:20.24
Filmed at approximately 108 fps Project at 24 fps to simulate ship speed
Intertitle - Calm water 13 knots

The film begins showing the model boat moving across the water in slow motion, with small waves.

Intertitle - Calm water 4 knots

The model boat moves across very still water.

Intertitle - Sea state Beaufort force 6, significant wave height 3.9m 13 knots, Head seas.

This time the model boat is shown bobbing up and down in very turbulent water.

Intertitle -13 knots, Stern seas.

This shows the model boat being subjected to high waves coming from the direction of the stern (the rear or aft-most part of the boat).

Intertitle -4 knots, Head seas

This shows the model boat moving in the direction of the waves coming towards it.

Intertitle -4 knots, Stern seas

Again this shows the reaction of the model boat to waves coming from the direction of the stern, only much smaller.

Intertitle -Running Astern, 4 knots, Head seas

The model boat is shown with the waves coming towards it, filmed from the stern.

Intertitle -Running Astern, 4 knots, Stern seas

The model boat is shown with the waves coming from behind it, filmed from the front and stern.

Film by NPL Film Unit