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YFA 1932



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This is a film of Archbishop Holgate Grammar School performing Exodus as part the 1969 York Mystery play, made by the University of California, Berkeley.

The film opens with the wagon being pushed into position near the Miinster, before the performers parade through the streets of York City Centre on the wagon stage. A large chunk of the performance is shown of the story of the Exodus from Egypt, and Moses parting the Red Sea.


The Hosiers Play: The Exodus
Pharoah:Peter Dew
His Messenger:Graham Fishburn
1st Councillor:Peter Johnson
2nd Councillor:Paul Greenfield
1st Egyptian:David Jubb
2nd Egyptian:Robert Maude
3rd Egyptian:David Kettley
Moses:Malcolm Tate
God:Peter Strickland
1st Israelite:George Fernis
2nd Israelite:John Heward
3rd Israelite:Roderick McNeil
1st Angel:David Garnett
2nd Angel:Kevin Anderson
3rd Angel:Andrew Scott
4th Angel:Timothy Law
Wagon reconstructed by Mr. L. E. Watson
Superstructure by Heppell Shopfitting
Designed by Michael Rogers and painted under his direction by the boys of Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School
Directed by Reiner Sauer
Designed by Mary Kerr
Costumes by Mary Kerr and Reiner Sauer
Modernisation of text by Reiner Sauer