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NEFA 18569



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An amateur film made by the Northumberland County Fire Brigade in the winter of 1954 of a civil defence exercise carried out in Kyloe Wood in Northumberland.

The film opens in an office where a number of women are taking telephone calls and writing notes. On the walls behind them are large boards for “Northumberland County Fire Brigade” and “Headquarter Officer”. One of the women gets up from her desk and marks something on the “Auxiliary Fire Service” board. She lowers a large map and pushes a pin into it.

General views of a small village, possibly Belford, with a number of fire engines and other, auxiliary vehicles parked along the left side of street. All around, firemen are standing and giving instructions. The vehicles are seen driving away. Two uniformed women wearing thick winter jackets stand outside a barn. They are both carrying portable radios. General views of vehicles which appear to be holding communications equipment.

A fireman in a wooded area tries to break the ice on a large pond using a long poker. He is being watched by a crowd of people who are standing nearby. A fire engine drives past the crowd. A fire officer gives orders to a fireman. Another fire engine is seen being pushed by a number of firemen. Another fire engine appears to have become stuck against a tree and a number of firemen try to dig the vehicle out.

The scene changes to the exterior of a wooden hut where a group of firemen are walking away with plates of hot food and tea. People are eating outside in the snow at tables and chairs. The film ends with shots of a group of firemen standing around smoking. Everyone appears to be having a good time.