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In this educational animation with rhythm, introduced with a samba beat, South Shields-born artist Sheila Graber considers Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, from single cell to global population, indulging her early interest in biology.

Three single cell organisms evolve into a fish, bird chick and human baby.

Title: Evolution

A mass of molecules arrange themselves into a grid of DNA. The molecules form into a single cell or organism, which split into two. They give each other the thumbs up. One transforms into various sea creatures, which chase the single cell plankton for food. The sea creatures evolve and fish are born. The fish chase their food all the way to a shoreline. Over generations, a creature of land and sea evolves. The sea organisms become insects living from the vegetation. These transform into winged insects.

The creatures of land and sea evolve into various types of dinosaur. Following the ice age, the earth heats up. Dinosaurs become extinct. New plant life flourishes.

An animal has offspring who troop off into the world, watching marine mammals such as the whale from their place on land. These offspring are chased by other animals. They run to escape and transform into new species of mammal adapted to survive such as a zebra, whose skin is camouflage amongst vegetation, or the giraffe whose tall neck allows it to eat leaves from tall trees.

An elephant carefully lifts a monkey from a tree. The monkey evolves into hunter man, whose miraculously speedy evolution and invention of tools, weapons and fire enables human beings to over-populate every continent of the world. A nuclear mushroom cloud appears from one continent. The globe slowly retreats into the complex pattern of molecules and DNA, the genetic origins in the evolution of all living organisms.  

Title: ?

Credit: Produced by Sheila Graber

Credit: Co-produced with Marble Arch Films and Cie Jean Renoir

© Sheila Graber Marble Arch Films Cie Jean Renoir