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NEFA 21363



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A dog thief makes off with a pet cocker spaniel with the owner and friends in hot pursuit. This short comedy yarn is by Burleigh Productions, members of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA).

 Credit: Burleigh Productions Present:

Title: Every Dog Has Its Day [titles with split screen footage of cocker spaniel)

The film opens with general views of a cluster of hillside village houses and a large country house with gardens. A woman sits on a garden bench reading, her pet cocker spaniel tied to the bench beside her. A car drives up a country lane and parks just round a bend in the road, spotted by a dodgy character in a flat cap leaning against a garden fence down the road, smoking a cigarette. The woman reading spots her two female friends with pet dogs. Jumping up to greet them, she leaves her pet spaniel tied to the bench. The chap in a flat cap spots his chance and crawls through a hole in the garden’s hedge, untying the dog and stealing it, squeezing back through the hedge.

The three women head back to the bench to discover the pet spaniel missing. Heading off down the road to look for the dog, they stop a work man on a bike for sightings of the dog thief. He gestures back down the road, and the women continue in pursuit.

The thief is walking down the country road with the stolen dog, which he then leads into a field.

Back in the village, the pet’s owner asks an old woman with a child for sightings of the dog. She points her stick in the right direction, the pet owner quickly following.

Meanwhile, he is leading the cocker spaniel on a riverside path. He flings away his flat cap. He ties up the dog at a fence, picks up his hat and begins to strip off his clothes. The pet owner and her friends are in pursuit down a country road, asking for sightings of the man and dog as they go.

The dog thief has taken his trousers, shoes and socks off and steps to the edge of the river. The stolen spaniel eyes up his trousers.

The women race past a hiker, who looks back at the group scratching his head.

Back by the river, the dog has escaped from the piece of string it was tied up with. The three women are running down a country road. The cocker spaniel escapes and drags off the thief’s trousers down the road. The dog and his owner are reunited, the dog jumping up to greet his delighted owner. The trouserless dog thief looks down the road for the missing dog. The three pet dogs now give chase and the man runs away without his trousers. The spaniel gives up and returns to his owner, wagging his tail.

Titles: The End