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YFA 854



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This film is part of the Leeds City Libraries collection and shows the candidates for the General Election campaigning and trying to win over voters.

A large crowd of men and women have gathered in the town square opposite the `Colonial Municipal Life Office'. Several different political candidates stand up and make speeches while various spectators hold up signs which read `Labour Leeds' and `West Leeds STAMFORD'. Another group of men start to march up and down with sign reading `Central Leeds PORTER, North East Leeds BACON, South East Leeds MILNER, and South Leeds GAITSKELL'. There is only one woman candidate who gets up to make a speech. In another part of the square some cars drive along with signs for `Labour Leeds' and `5 Labour MP', `Well Done Leeds', `North Leeds HODGSON'. They stand up in the open topped cars as they drive along. The cars drive through the streets in procession followed by a huge crowd of men and women supporters. Speakers are talking on a podium, and Labour placards are clearly visible in the background. Different people orate from the podium. There are then shots of a Labour convoy of cars. People follow on foot.