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YFA 853



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This film is from the Leeds City Libraries collection and captures events from the 1929 Leeds general election. There are many shots of the various candidates and the winner, as well as footage of the town centre and a small plane flying over the countryside.

Title-City of Leeds Civic Events 1929 Cinematographer-J. Milner.

Title-General Election May 30th 1929.

Title-Central division declaration of poll on the town hall steps.

The film opens with a lingering shot of men and women, candidates and supporters standing on the steps of the town hall waving and swinging handkerchiefs in the air. There are a few policemen also stand on the steps keeping an eye on the events.

Title-The result the victor-Hon R. D. Denman Carried shoulder high.

A banner with the election results is hanging from the door of the town hall. The next shot shows Hon. R. D. Denman being carried through the streets on shoulders. Crowds of men follow him as he is brought through the town.

Title-Outside the Trades Hall.

Hon Denaman is put down and continues to walk towards the Trades Hall.

There are shots of groups of men, women and children walking past the camera and smiling.

Title-Sherburn Aerodrome-July 6th 1929.

Title-The Lady Mayoress (Mrs D.B. Foster) Deputy Lady Mayoress (Mrs J. Milner) and family

Title-The city Engineer and Coun. Brotherton take a flight with Sir Alan Cobham.

A small `G-A AEV' plane is driving along a grass airfield and several men run after it. Once the plane stops they gather around it. The camera captures the passengers filing onto the plane and then it taking off. There are point of view shots taken from the plane looking down over the countryside.

Title-A Safe Return!!

Some men and women are waiting in the grass as the plane comes in to land. The pilot helps the women and children down the steps of the plane and they talk to each other and smile at the camera.

Additional Information:

Richard Douglass Denman (1876-1957), who was elected as the Labour MP for the Central Leeds Division aged 52, was the former Liberal MP for Carlisle from 1910-1918. Like many Liberal MPs, he left the Liberals for Labour during the 1920s. In 1931 he supported Ramsey MacDonald's decision to form a National Government and joined the National Labour Party. He continued to represent Central Leeds as National Labour MP from 1931 until 1945.