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This reel contains various filmed events in the year 1935, firstly a waterlogged road after the Wharfe River burst its banks in Otley.  Also included is a fishing trip in Skipbridge, on a beck running off the river Nidd and then some footage of more experienced fishermen in Scarborough bay. After this there is various footage of the Jubilee celebrations and decorations including an airfield show and a street party finally concluding with footage from a day out at Belle Vue amusement park near Manchester. 

Title – G.H.C. Presents Events of 1935
Title – Floods at Otley 
Heavy rains cause the Wharfe to overflow disorganising traffic. 
Feb 1935 

Three boys on a bike by the side of the road, pedestrians and cars passing in front of them one boy is holding the gaze of the camera then they all set off.  Two boys stand in front of a dry stone wall holding their bikes, an expanse of water behind them.   A man in a field is operating a hand wound camera, a young boy by his side and a younger man approaching them from the side. A bus speeds round a corner, busy with cyclists, cars and pedestrians drives through a puddle sending water high into the air.

Cuts briefly back to the camera operator in the field and then returning back to the busy corner where a motor cyclist followed by a car speeds round, coming from the opposite direction.   Views from a car windscreen follows a car operator in the field and then returning back to the busy corner where a motor cyclist followed by a car speeds round, coming from the opposite direction.   A view from a car windscreen follows a car round the corner, showing the true extent of the floods a crowd gathered watching vehicles go by. 

Title – The water calls to mind the time we went to Skipbridge.

Cyril, Louie and Peter leave the house and get in the family car.

Various views of the family on the road, location gets more rural with each shot. They pass through a road full of cows and a country gate into a field.  Peter’s pram is put together and the family take a stroll through a bumpy rural field.

Title – To watch Cyril and Louie catch something.

Cyril and Louie push the pram to the riverside Peter and Cyril relax by the river whilst Louie fishes.   Cyril takes a turn, Louie watches as do the cows in the neighbouring field.  Louie takes a short stroll into the adjacent field and back before posing on a stile. A cut to a perspective looking straight up at the clouds above, Louie is then seen picking up a net and placing it in the river.  Various views of the couple fishing on the river with net and rod.

Title – But the catch never came

Cyril is fishing with a rod by the river, whilst Louie paces impatiently on the bank. 

Title – By way of contrast here are some who can catch

Change of location – Scarborough.  Three men on a seawall are seen throwing lines out into the bay and pulling up with ease.  A crab scuttles across the floor of the seawall. 

Title – March 25th 1935 – We change to an Austin 10 

Side view of the new car, Peter strapped into the back and Louie sat in the front chatting and playing with him. 

Title – Jubilee

Views of a busy Briggate street in Leeds; trams, cars and pedestrians lining the streets, views of an empty suburban terraced street bunting hanging from house to house.  Views of a wider more commercial street, Union Jacks hanging from windows.

Title – Leeds was fairly well decorated

Leeds city streets are adorned with flags, lions and crowns.  One large banner, spanning the width of a street reads 1910-1935 Royal Silver Jubilee co-operators congratulations.  Some more views of streets with bunting, flags and streamers.

Title – With the exception of town hall 

View of the town hall 

Title – And the civic building

Views of the civic building

Title - Some used their week wash to augment the decorations

View of a washing line strung across as street, blocking the view of the bunting.

Title – And even in remote villages 

View of a rural village, a single bunting joined between two houses on a quiet street.  A man stands leaning against a lamp post looking at a farm house with a union jack hanging from the window.
View of a country café with an advert for Lyons tea on its façade, very well decorated with sachets and streamers.

Title – Nor were the decorations confined to buildings

There are several Austin cars and others, with small Union Jacks on the bonnets.  A horse pulls carnage along a road passing an auto ring; the camera lingers on said auto ring for some time showing impressive bill boards, posters and an automobile above the entrance.  A boy bikes down a rural road, looking into the camera, a union jack flying from his handle bars.

Title – Everything Jubilee 

A poorly lit sign reads “K Jubilee display special design of K fashion shoes, to mark the Royal Jubilee” followed by a more poorly lit and illegible sign.  Close up of a stamped corner of a letter, stamp reads silver jubilee 1910 – 1935 postage revenue half penny. Another stamp reads Southport 23rd May 1935 Lancs, Lady Pit lane Leeds.

Title - There was a railway exhibition 

Up a stairwell a queue of people are seen boarding an exhibition train. A woman pushing a pram takes a closer look at the front of the train.  A Draisine carrying a small group of people passes along the train track next to the exhibition train.

Title – And at night flood lighting

A poorly lit building at night, the word thrift is visible at the top of the building. Various views of buildings lit up at night time (mostly underexposed and difficult to see).  Various views of planes flying over large crowds of people, one of the planes land in an empty expanse beyond the excited and agitated crowd. This is followed by various views of more planes taking off and landing.  A plane performs a trick high in the air above the crowd, followed by various views of planes in the air. 
A car stuck in the mud, meanwhile a mechanic stands close by holding a pair of pliers behind his back and a pulley metal wire is used to try and pull the vehicle out, followed by another view of the plane in the sky.

Two men and three children are stood along a wire roadside fence, three cars parked behind them. They’re attention is taken skyward as a plane flies overhead. Cuts briefly back to the stuck car, before showing the object of distraction the plane flying above the small group. 

Title – The only thing lacking was a royal procession

A table is set in a terraced street and a small group are stood next to it, a shop sign in the background reads minerals and cigarettes.  Various views of street parties, bunting hanging low from terraced roofs, ecstatic children and content parents. Two men are leading a well decorated goat through the crowd. 

Title – Monday the 6th was made a general holiday – we went to Belle Vue

Views of large crowds outside of Belle Vue being ushered by uniformed policeman, inside people are ball room dancing in pairs.  Various views of the amusements at Belle Vue park; an aeroplane carousel, a ghost train, men, woman and children walking giddily together in large groups, rollercoasters, log plumes, a Ferris wheel, water boat rides, row boats and a large steam boat called little Britain sales through the pond past the smaller row boats.  A performance plays out surrounding the pond; soldiers and horses, shots firing off walls at other soldiers on boats, impressive fireworks and pyrotechnics illuminate the faux soldiers at battle.

End Title – A G.H.C. Production 1935
The End.