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YFA 4575



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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and shows a motocross event that took place in Yorkshire. There are shots of the riders, the bikes, the spectators and the tough terrain on which they compete. The collection contains a large amount of films about motocross trials and motorbike racing.


Title-Photographed by C.H. Wood.

Title-Group trial to Hawes April 3rd Start-Hetton.

The film opens with a shot taken from one end of a country road looking down towards a pub which has a crowd of riders and their motorbikes parked outside. The next shot is a close-up shot and shows the front of the `Angel Inn' pub and the riders milling around outside with numbers taped onto the back of their coats. The men walk around talking to each other and looking at their bikes. There is a brief shot from the other side of the road and it captures a bike starting off on the competition.

Title-Countersett Bank.

A shot is taken from the top of a hill looking down at a bike and rider that are trying to make it to the top but keep on rolling backwards; a few spectators have gathered along the course.

Some of the competitors ride along a rocky track bumping and jumping along and trying to keep the bikes going straight. One rider gets momentarily stuck and one of the spectators makes a move to help him. The camera then pans across to give a view of the surrounding countryside.

There are many more riders who struggle their way up the steep, rocky track. When they get stuck the men standing nearby help to push or pull the motorbikes back on track. There are some close-up shots of the mud covered wheels and feet of the men. The track is getting muddier as the competition goes on and more men are helping the riders to pull their bikes out of bumps in the track. There is a brief shot of one of the judges holding a small axe; he waves it at the camera and smiles.

The next section takes place in a stream and there are shots of many riders riding through a shallow and rocky stream; one rider almost crashes into a car that appears around a corner. The shots are taken from a variety of angles around the stream.

Title-Centre Solo Championship, September Moorside Edge.

From the top of a steep hill the camera takes shots of the riders making their way along the next section of the course; a very stony track. Judges and spectators stand and sit along the course watching the riders and helping some of them up when they fall of their bikes; one rider rolls down the hill a small amount and then falls off. There are more shots of these falls taken from different vantage points. There is a brief shot of a man drinking from a glass bottle, shaking his own hand and then laughing at the camera.

Title-The Scott Trial 1938.

A crowd of spectators and riders with their motorbikes have gathered in a village green. One man is wearing a bowler hat decorated with feathers, tips his cap at the camera and smiles.

The riders make their way along a grassy track beside a fence; one of the men drives too far past the gap in the fence and has to push his bike backwards. From the top of a hill the camera captures the bicycles as they go down the steep hill past a few people standing along the side and through a large crowd of spectators who have gathered beside the stream which the rider drives through. The camera takes shots of many riders cycling through the fast-flowing stream and up the muddy hill. One man comes down the hill and falls over.

In another section the riders have to ride through moorland and tall grass, and some of them fall off while others have to stop because their bikes start to throw out steam. As the riders pass one of the judges, they are directed in a specific direction so that they ride in the more difficult part of the course; many of the riders get stuck and have to be pushed.

There are many more shots of the competitors riding through the middle of a river, along a muddy track, and through tall grass. Lots of the men get stuck and have to have help moving their bike. There are also shots of some of the judges taking notes as the riders pass them.

Title-The End.