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YFA 4391



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This film shows different places and events in the city of York. Many of York's historic landmarks are included as well as scenes of the Mystery Plays, the Regatta, and unique footage of the open-air market.

Intertitle: "Our Heritage Films"
"The Eternal City"

Two women sit fairly far away on a bench with their backs to the camera. Then the camera looks at a bridge going into York. Scaffolding is visible on one of the towers of the Minster.

There is a flower display in a lawn shaped to resemble a dove. It has a message about peace, but this is difficult to read due to the angle of the shot. A woman can be seen walking along a wall in the background. There are more shots of flowers and then the statue of George Leeman.

Intertitle: "Guildhall and Lendal Bridge".

The camera focuses on the bridge, showing boats passing on the water and people walking across.

Intertitle: "St. Mary's Abbey in the Museum Gardens".

There are shots of the ruined abbey. Two men walk through, the elder of the two wearing a suit and round glasses and the younger wearing a woollen jumper. There are peacocks roaming the grounds, and one stands on a window ledge.

Intertitle: "City Pigeons in King Square".

An East Asian family sit on a bench. A child stands closer to the camera, watching the birds. Another child, in a red polka dot dress, bends down near the pigeons and looks at the camera. There is a shot looking towards the minster, which can be seen over the roof tops.

Intertitle: "Saturday Market".

There are stalls selling things like vegetables, fruit and flowers. It is very busy, and this footage contains various good shots of the fashions of the time.

Intertitle: "York's shortest street, formally a whipping place for felons".

A street sign reads: "Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate". There is a shop, "Welburn's" further down.

Intertitle: "The Shambles" as old as the Doomsday Book".

There is a shot of an antiques shop with the sign: "Decorative Pottery & Porcelain. Old Glass. Silver Plate. Furniture. Clocks. Brassware. Curios. Bric - a - Brac. Antiques by F.C. Chalk". Then, when the street is shown, there are signs for "Cox Roof Repairs" and "Capstan".

Intertitle: "Stonegate, containing many fine medieval and timbered houses".

More signs include: "Fine Arts Gift House", "Corsets", "Bell's Dealers in Old Glass, China, Pewter, Brass and Plate. Est. 1846" [stone underneath gives the building completion date as 1434], "Tudor House Caf?". There is a painted gargoyle resembling a devil carved into one of the structures .There are also windows full of ornaments and figurines for sale.

Intertitle: "'Mickelgate Bar' the only complete Barbican gateway in England".

There are then shots of this structure.

Intertitle: "Bootham Bar".

Bootham Bar is also shown.

Intertitle: "The historic city walls".

People walk along the walls, and flowers are shown beneath on grassy areas.

Intertitle: "And in springtime".

There are areas absolutely full of daffodils. The York Minster can be seen in the distance behind them.

Intertitle: "Pleasure craft on the River Ouse".

Boats go at a leisurely pace down the river. There are swans. A woman stands on one of the boats holding onto the mast.

Intertitle: "Like other cities, York holds its regattas".

Two competing row boats speed down the river. People stand on the side to watch. There are oars arranged in a line propped up along a slope at the side of the river.

Intertitle: "York's two rivers, the Ouse and Foss, still carry merchandise from the sea by barge".

There is a barge by the riverside near Skeldergate Bridge. A man attaches a hook onto piles of goods and a crane lifts them onto land.

Intertitle: "Clifford's Tower and Castle Museum".

People walk up and down the steps to the castle, atop a hill. Then, outside the museum, people sit on the grass or on walls. A clock shows the time 5.10.

Intertitle: "York Minster, one of the superb masterpieces of architecture in England".

There are shots of the architecture and of the stained glass windows.

Intertitle: "Street Criers during festival celebrations".

A woman dressed up, wearing a Puritan style hat, holds a wicker basket. There are several other people dressed in period clothes. They all walk the streets with baskets, presumably selling something.

Intertitle: "Street performance of religious play".

Crowds gather at the side of the street. A man on a white horse with a cape and crown makes his way through. Policemen stand in front. Next there is a horse drawn cart with actors standing on top. This acts as a stage and is the traditional way in which the Mystery Plays are presented.

Intertitle: "The annual Thanksgiving service and parade".

There are soldiers and a marching band parading down the street. An important military man in formal attire steps out of a large car, followed by a woman who could be his wife, and walks up the steps into the minster.

Intertitle: "The End".