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YFA 1814



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This is one of many travelogue films made by amateur filmmaker Laurie Wright. Using intertitles, the films shows many of the interesting sights around Eskdale in Cumberland at a time before mass tourism.

Title - An Argoth Production
Intertitle - Lakeland the walkers paradise

Title - Eskdale
A car drives down a country road, followed by a cyclist.

Intertitle - The 'journey' to the dale to Boot
There is a crowd of people, possibly waiting for the train, followed by a train journey. The journey is filmed, at first, from up above the tender of the steam locomotive, and then towards the rear of the train. The train, on a miniature railway, is made up of open carriages packed with passengers. It passes a station, 'Irton Road', with a bridge over the railway.

Intertitle - Tickets please
As the train stands in the station a man goes around collecting tickets, before continuing on its way. It passes under another bridge before arriving at its destination.

Intertitle - Boot
The small engine gets turned around on a turntable, and runs around to couple onto the other end of the train. The main street through the village is shown.

Intertitle - Bridge End Farm is over 400 years old
A farmhouse is seen with a nearby brook and bridge. From the bridge a watermill can be seen. Two farmers bring a horse and cart laden with cut wheat. A farmer goes out into a field with a fork and rakes the cut crop ready for collection. The surrounding scenery is shown.

Intertitle - Dalegarth Hall, a 16th century mansion
The Hall is shown from the side.

Intertitle - Esk Bridge
The bridge is shown together with the nearby farms and woods.

Intertitle - Dalegarth Force
Some people walk over a bridge. The fall is seen in the distance, and then closer up, as the film comes to an end.