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The long-running soap opera, Emmerdale, is filmed on location in the village of Esholt, near Bradford.  This film documents how Esholt is changed into the fictional village of Beckindale for the television programme.  It also examines the effect the series has on the village and its people. 

Titles: ‘From Esholt To Beckindale’  ‘A Village Transformed’ 

The film opens with Yorkshire Television lorries arriving at the village of Esholt.  The film crew unload the equipment that will be used in the production, such as cables, cameras, sound booms and dollies used for tracking shots.  The producer, Ken Leckenby, interviews Mr Turner, who was the owner of ‘The Falcon’ pub when filming first begun there.   

A film crew puts up a police sign as well as hangs a sign changing “The Falcon” to the “Woolpack Inn.”  Mr Ellis, the church warden, is interviewed, and he notes that receipts in the church box have greatly increased from the contributions of film crew and tourists.  Cameras are waterproofed with plastic sheets.  Mr Rimmer, the current owner of ‘The Falcon’ pub, is interviewed, and he notes the large increase in tourists since Emmerdale started filming there. 

In a catering truck bacon cobs are made for the film crew.  Another elderly local is interviewed, and he comments that he has never heard anyone grumbling about the filming.  The actors arrive on set and enter the pub.  These include Arthur Pentelow who played Henry Wilks, and Sheila Mercier who played Annie Sugden.  The actors then perform scenes which are filmed outside the pub.   

Commentary by George Duncan 

Produced by Ken Leckenby