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YFA 771



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This film documents the welcoming of Ernest Bevin by the newly appointed Mayor, Cecil Barnett in 1945.

With two women companions, Cecil Barnett arrives at the Town Hall for his investiture as Mayor.
A large number of dignitaries arrive at the town hall, mostly men and all wearing hats. They are ushered in by a policeman controlling traffic. Some guests stop to smile at the camera as they enter. The current Mayor arrives in a Rolls Royce. Cars and trolleybuses pass by in the background.

Intertitle: 'Lord Mayor's Sunday at the Cathedral'. Various groups, such as the boys brigade make their way up the steps, lined with veterans, into the Cathedral. The Mayor, accompanied by the leaders of the Church and Armed Service chiefs, form a line outside and ceremonially walk up the stairs. They are followed by firemen. The cathedral clock shows 10.45. The Bishop, Church officials, and choir go in by a side door. The Union Jack is flying above the Cathedral. The congregation is led out by the vicar with the Lord Mayor's party preceded by a mace. Among the crowd leaving there are military personnel, cadets and civilians.
Intertitle: 'Lord Mayor at Home'. Barnett, the Mayoress and other dignitaries form a line to welcome a long procession of visitors who are shaking hands and curtseying. These include variety of people from the Church, the Services and civilian life. One boy stops to pose for the camera, and there is a brief shot of them all posing for cameras.

Next, on a wet day, there is a parade in a park with marching bands, military personnel, ex servicemen and civilians. Barnett arrives in his Mayoral car. People watch the parade from a street corner, removing their hats in a respectful manner. The Mayor's party return to their car, and there is more of the procession with marching bands.

Surrounded by a crowd of people, the Mayor welcomes Ernest Bevin at the City ground. Barnett and Bevin shake hands outside the ground, and Bevin walks towards the camera. Two boys and a girl, rather scruffy looking, pose for the camera. The party of dignitaries walk round the exterior of ground passing a queue at one of the turnstiles.