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YFA 2160



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'Random Recordings' is the first title of this film made by Eric Hall, a keen amateur cinematographer from West Yorkshire. This film consists of a variety of brief scenes and images which he took beginning in 1929 and mostly includes footage of his family and friends during their leisure and travel time. Also included in this film is footage from the York Mystery Plays which were performed at the Museum Gardens in 1951.

Title - Random Recordings

The first shots are of a group of men looking at a BSA motorcycle. This is followed by long shots of a lady (Mary, his wife to be) playing with a dog outside a church. Next Mary is walking along the sidewalk, and a lady in a fashionable 1920s cloche hat can be seen. A man is herding cattle down the street, and there are shots of cars driving down the road. This is followed by views of the canal side in Shipley.

Next there is a wedding. The wedding party poses for pictures outside the church. The bride then arrives and poses before entering the church. Both the bride and the bridesmaids are holding large bouquets of flowers. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds exit the church, and they are partially covered in confetti. Guests then get into cars, and a Harry Wilson's Removal van can be seen parked nearby. This scene provides a good example of early 1930s fashions.

Next are general views of Bingley Motor Sports Gymkhana. The scenes begin with a group of young men and women frolicking. They are wearing all in one bathing costumes and are making human pyramids. They perform a variety of acrobat stunts. These are very happy, carefree scenes, and the group of friends clearly are enjoying themselves. The shots continue with handstands and dual gymnastics.

Next there is a shot is of all the young men in service uniform. Some of the men play up for the camera, and all the servicemen smile and pose for the pictures. Next there is a brief shot of a rowing boat followed by Eric Hall play-fighting a friend with a folded fishing rod. He and his friend then make their way to the side of the water where they spend their time fishing.

There is a car being loaded onto a ship, and passengers can be seen on the lower decks. The next scenes are taken in Holland. There is footage of seaside attractions including a market with women wearing traditional Dutch costume. Also included is footage taken in a city centre showing the buildings and traffic. This is followed by a horse race filmed from the side of the racetrack before moving onto shots of bomb damage in Dunkirk.

The next scene is of the York Mystery Plays taken at the Museum Gardens in York (possibly the 1951 revival.) The actors, dressed in full costume, wait back stage for the play to begin. Many of them sit on the grass before they make their way to the stage built at the Abbey Ruins. The play begins, and there is footage of the performance as well as shots of the audience. At one of the breaks, an actor can be seen backstage sewing. There are long shots of the tiered seating and the crowds arriving.

PART TWO (reel two)

Filming begins on the beach at Staithes, with a group of young people dressed in overcoats and playing by the beach. There is a Morris Minor in the shot, which continues to close up. There are general views of a church in Shipley followed by shots of a pet dog doing acrobatics. Children play in the park and run around on the grass. A man then places a small model steam boat into the water at a lake in the park.

The next shots are of a group of motorcyclists, not wearing helmets. A bike and side car passes a tram. In the side car is a girl wearing a cloche hat. There is a van with 'Brown Brothers Leeds' written on the side. There are shots of all the divers, and many of them smile for or wave to the camera.

Myrtle Park is the venue for the next series of shots. There are children playing on swings and families walk around the park. There is footage of the park's lawns and gardens which are in bloom. There are brief shots of men playing bowls and a boy playing cricket. The acrobatic dog slides down a slide in the park, and following this, there is footage of a peddle boat at Goit Stock. There are shots of Goit Stock Falls. There is also a brief scene of a racetrack where the horses make their way to the starting line.

The next shots are of a trip to London. Footage includes many of the famous sites including Trafalgar Square and the guards at Buckingham Palace.