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YFA 3820



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This is a compilation of several short films from the Eric Hall Collection.

(Col.) A woman sits in front of a picnic table next to a tree in a field, with a young man looking on and getting fetching something from the boot of their car. They are near a field of corn, showing the maize plants in close up. A woman stands by a table of empty plates in a caf?. Outside another woman sits in the sun, and another woman, possibly Mrs Hall, poses for the camera.

(B&W) Some army officers and local dignitaries are addressing a crowd from a platform in a town square; possibly a Second World War Week. Soldiers sit on nearby rooftops. The film switches to two women and a man arm-in-arm walking towards the camera along a garden path. The film goes very faded and returns to an outdoor swimming where swimmers are diving into the pool off diving boards. This is followed by the inside of a poorly lit house, ending with a playful kitten.