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YFA 47



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Made by Ernest Symmons of Debenham & Co, local filmmakers from Beverley, this is a film of a religious ceremony that takes place in York.

Title - The Enthronement of Dr. Garbett as Archbishop of York Minster June 11th 1942
The first pictures ever taken of such a ceremony.

Crowds of people fill the Minster Yard. Entering through the west entrance, boys from many different schools line up to go in to the Minster to watch the ceremony. They are all in different school uniforms, and they carry gas mask boxes as they go past the camera. Scaffolding is up around this entrance, and many teachers help to escort the boys into the Minster. Buses can be seen passing by in the background.

On the steps stand some of the city's dignitaries who look to the camera before entering. In another part of the Minster grounds, the new Archbishop and many members of the clergy start to make their way to the ceremony. The Archbishop knocks on the north entrance door asking permission to enter. Some enter whilst the Archbishop stands on the steps and waits.

Interior scenes then show the confirmation ceremony. The Archbishop then exits York Minster and stands at a stage that has been erected on the steps. He makes a speech to a large crowd, some of which can be seen standing in front of Neesan's tea shop. The Archbishop and the clergy then walk off to towards the western side of the Minster.

Title - The End
Filmed by E.F. Symmons
Debenham & Co Beverley
East Yorks: Engalnd