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YFA 73



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Made by Noel Beardsell, this film provides a humorous look at a prosperous middle class family and their home over the course of a year.

Title | "An Englishman's Home"
Filmed by Noel T. Beardsell

Title | An Englishman's Home is his Castle

The film opens with a shot of a large house.

Title | The King of the Castle

The filmmaker is seen smoking a pipe.

Title | The Queen is in her Parlour - amusing herself

Mrs Beardsell is shown in duplicate, as if to suggest that she is talking to herself.

Title | The rest of the Royal Family

Two children are outside followed by a dog and a rabbit.

Title | With Winter's passing the outside world wakes up.

Mrs Beardsell snuggles under the duvet.

Title | The first touch of Spring

Blossom can be seen on the trees.

Title | Everybody feels the influence.

A sped-up sequence of a car tyre being fitted, followed by shots of some farmyard animals and the children.

Title | Lengthening days mean longer expeditions

Mrs Beardsell wraps breads in a packet for the boys. One of the children gets in a car and Mr Beardsell drives off down the lane.

Title | Building the summer schoolhouse

Two men start the construction work and laying bricks.

Title | Visitors delight in early blossoms.

Shots of daffodils and Mrs Beardsell picking flowers.

Title | Then Summer comes to our garden.

Red hot pokers and other flowers can be seen, and the children put up a tent in the garden.

Title | The Queen goes into training.

Mrs Beardsell does exercises in the garden whilst the younger child watches from his pram in the summer house.

Title | Tea out of doors is an added delight

The maid, wearing an apron and bonnet, carries a tray with a teapot and cups on. Mr Beardsell slurps his tea from the saucer.

Title | "Oh! What manners!!"

The two boys cover their eyes in mock horror as their father continues to slurp his tea. They then fold themselves up in deckchairs to avoid this shocking spectacle.

Title | Picnic days are here again.

The boys are shown by a rocky stream and Mrs Beardsell has the dog on a leash. They sit down on the grass and one of the boys pours milk for the dog to drink, as Mr and Mrs Beardsell smoke cigarettes.

Title | Then harvest time marks Summer's end.

A man and one of the boys ride horses down a road. A horde of schoolchildren are running up the road in the other direction, before the boy dismounts and removes the horse's saddle.

Title | Autumn days are always busy.

One of the boys is packing up the tent in the garden, and there is a shot of the dog wearing a jacket. An older man is digging potatoes whilst one of the boys picks berries and brambles. Mr Beardsell climbs up a ladder in order to saw off the top of the tree.

Title | Snow ushers in the jolliest time of all

A steam train is seen moving through the snow, and some of the family wander down a lane.

Title | Grandfathers are always welcome

The grandfather pretends to shoot the camera with his cane, and the family walk across the field with the dog in tow.

Title | Signs of the Season

Inside the Beardsell house, the Christmas tree is shown with many unwrapped presents below it. Two maids in uniform pose for the camera and there are shots of the turkey, brandy and dates. The children play with baubles on the tree and a band outside are playing as the film comes to an end.