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This film looks at the coastal town of Saltburn and the keen band of sea anglers who congregate at the end of Saltburn pier in all weathers, day or night. The film gives an account of how the pier and the beach attract those looking for an alternative to unemployment or those pursuing a new hobby in retirement.

Title End of the Pier

Opening shot of a group of anglers gathered at night at the end of the pier fishing. Portable lamps and lamps on safety helmets are their only source of light.

Cut to a shot in a local pet shop as it prepares to open for business. We see a bird in a cage, followed by shots of Saltburn streets. Front views of the Zetland Hotel and Saltburn Railway Station. A man on a bicycle rides down the old platform which is covered by a dilapidated iron and glass roof. The man rides towards the back of the Zetland Hotel where there used to be a platform to allow passengers easy access to the hotel.The cyclist makes his way to the top of the cliff railway, which leads down to the pier. The man who operates the cliff railway can be seen oiling parts of the mechanism and greasing the steel ropes.

Anglers dig for bait (possibly lugworms or ragworms) on the beach.

The cliff railway, starts to operate by pumping water into the tank of the car at the top of the bank. The weight of the water will set the car moving down the cliff incline. As the top car moves down, the car at the bottom moves to the top of the cliff.

More shots of the cliff railway and the Zetland Hotel. A man on the beach passes a metal detector to and fro over the sand, in the hope of unearthing some treasures.

Anglers assemble at the end of the pier. An angler cuts up bait. Further shots of Zetland Hotel and cliff lift.

Internal shot, this sequence is thought to be ‘Winkies Castle’ in Marske, where an old man, Jack Anderson (?) polishes an old framed picture. He describes the time and place of some of the views in his collection of old Saltburn pictures and photographs. Further shots follow of Saltburn streets including the iron and glass ‘awnings’ over some of the pavements.

There follows more views of the interior of the pet shop then a shot of the man with the metal detector on the beach with the seas becoming rougher and the weather closing in.

An angler digs on the beach for more bait. Views in the distance of cliff top buildings from the lower promenade. Other anglers talk about unemployment. A view follows of the Redcar steelworks in the distance.

Rough seas and high winds scour the beach. The anglers are not put off by the weather. The extra swell in the sea, one angler comments will be good for catching fish. An angler plays out his line from his fishing rod. Another angler puts bait onto a hook, rods lean on the pier rail.

Views follow of the Zetland Hotel, Saltburn streets in the rain, followed by a brief view of the Halfpenny Bridge.

Footage follows of rough seas and a storm laden view of Redcar steelworks.

The film ends with the demolition of the Halfpenny Bridge. Taken in slow motion, we see the detonation of the explosive charges which break the iron supports causing the bridge to collapse onto the valley floor.

Long shot of the pier at end of film

Credits include:

Many thanks to: Langbaurgh Council, P. Bell, T. Chadwick

Crew: A. Moir, T. Pickard, R. Schindler, W. Stok, P. Trevelyan, C. Titchmarsh, A. Bower

Produced & Directed by – David Eadington, in conjunction with Amber Films.

Made under the auspices of ACTT Workshop Declaration. Financial Assistance from Channel 4