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NEFA 21068



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An amateur travelogue of visits to various Northumberland locations including Howick Hall, Dunstanburgh Castle, Seahouses, the Farne Islands and Bamburgh.

The film begins with a hand taking down a book from a shelf entitled 'The Enchanting North'. The pages are turned and a chapter heading reads 'Northumberland'

A road sign reads 'The Howick Hall Gardens are open daily'. There are views of a couple walking around the garden and a view of the exterior of Howick Hall. It is springtime and the couple look at a number of budding bushes and trees. Coy carp swim around in a pond, and a frog swims around the edge. There are a number of views of daffodils. The woman holds a bunch of daffodils. A yellow RAF rescue helicopter flies overhead.

A sign reads 'Dunstanburgh Castle'. There are views of the castle seen from the Craster path. There is a wreck of a ship in the surf and views of the waves lapping onto the seashore. The couple walk around the castle ruin and along the nearby cliff edge full of nesting birds. A sign attached to the castle wall reads 'Danger. Do not climb on wall'. The man pretends to hang precariously before falling out of shot. There is a view of the beach below.

Another sign reads 'HM Coastguard Seahouses District Headquarters'. The camera pans right to left showing the concrete seawall at Seahouses and people walking along it. In the harbour three fishermen work on their boats. Four young boys, including two cub scouts, are fishing from the harbour. They catch a small crab. As they walk away with their arms around each others shoulders, three old fishermen are sitting and talking in their boat.

From Seahouses, the Farne Islands can be seen in the distance. A wooden crate inscribed 'R. Dawson' floats in the surf.

Title: The Farne Islands.

From a boat heading towards the island, there are views of the many seabirds nesting on the cliffs and seals swimming in the sea. The boat passes the Longstone Lighthouse.

A woman walks up a concrete quayside. There is a view of the exterior of Longstone Lighthouse and St Cuthbert's Chapel. There are views of many birds including terns and gulls, some on their nests. A flock of birds takes off into the sky.

The film changes to show a road sign reading 'Bamburgh'; the castle can be seen in the distance. General view of the village of Bamburgh with the castle on the hill above. A man walks up the pathway into the castle. He looks down the sights of cannon on the battlements. There is a view of the village below.

Title: The end [written in the sand on the beach].