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YFA 5811



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This reel contains an early comical film made by the Selby Cine Club which is about a man out walking his dog who is involved in a car accident.

A man strolls along a road reading a newspaper while walking his dog, a corgi.  In the meantime a woman is walking her dog, a poodle, coming the other way on the other side of the road.  The man’s dog spots the other dog and runs across the road pulling the unsuspecting man with it.  A car driving past pulls to a sudden stop, and there is a screech of brakes.  Two men walking by run to the scene.  One of them calls an ambulance, which rushes to the scene, and a policeman takes notes.  The ambulance arrives at Selby War Memorial Hospital.  The wife of the man is informed of the incident by telephone, and she waits in the hospital.  An emergency light flashes next to the Operating Theatre.  The surgeon comes out to the distressed wife and indicates that it is in the balance.  He shakes his head and goes back to try again, choosing various surgical instruments.  He comes out again, this time with a smile, and the wife looks delighted.

Next day the man is out walking the dog on the same road, while reading a newspaper, exactly as he did the previous day.

Title – The End