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This is a fiction film made by the Doncaster Cine Club to explain the importance of the Doncaster-based Elmfield Youth Club within the community. The story begins with a teenage boy named John who, after showing the first signs of delinquency, is taken to the Youth Club and offered a different path to follow. The film's narrative is aided with intertitles used throughout.

Title - Amateur cine world. This is to certify that this film has been specially recommended by amateur cine world.

Title - Doncaster cine guild presents.

Title - The Elmfield story.

Title - Story - J.D. Frazer. Script - L.W. Jackson. Camera - R.W. Jones. Titles - W.H. Heynes.

Title - The players: Mr E.H. Thompson (Warden). Arnold Overson. Bessie Mitchinson. Harold Armitage. Daisy Overson.

Title - This is the story of a youth club - where activity rather than passivity is encouraged. The broader aspects of further education find practical expression.

Title - The home of the Smith family late one evening.

A man and woman sit in arm chairs, talking. The man wears suit, tie and glasses, while the woman wears a dark blouse. They look at the clock.

Title - "Where can John be? He comes in late every night!"

John, their son, enters and is given a stern talking to by his father.

Title - "Oh for goodness sake shut up."

The father waggles his finger at John.

Title - "Well, start coming in before this time that's all!"

The mother and father exit the room, and John slumps down on a chair.

The mother walks down a street and meets a friend. The mother wears a beret, while the other woman wears a long coat. The friend points at a house which has sign outside that reads 'Private. Elmfield house club'.

Title - "That's the place for him, my dear go and see the Warden now."

The mother enters the club house and talks to the Warden, who sits behind a desk. He motions her over to look at a book and one of the first pages has the word 'drama' written across it.

Stage curtains open to reveal a set designed to look the like the interior of a manor house. Several actors and actresses cavort on stage running through their lines. There is a scene with a young lady in a dress, who throws her arms around a young man wearing a fancy bathrobe, and another scene shows a boy being beaten before some policeman arrive. The final shot of this sequence shows the actors lined up on stage, taking a bow.

Returning to the Warden's office, the Warden continues to flick through the book showing the mother pictures of boxing matches.

Title - "I suggest I write to John and ask him to come and look around."

The mother gets up and leaves the Warden. A postman cycles down the street and drops some letters through the Smith's letter box. John gets the letters and opens the one form the Warden; his father comes over to have a look.

Title "I would go there tonight if I were you John."

John enters the club and chats to the Warden.

Title - "Come along let's go to the canteen."

They get up and head to the canteen, where an elderly lady makes John a cup of tea. John and the Warden sit at a table drinking their tea; another boy comes up and shakes John's hand.

Title - "Oh! I'd like to see some boxing."

In a gym many boys wearing boxing trunks are training; some skip rope, other punch speed balls, some spar by themselves, and others throw medicine balls between one another. There is then a fairly lengthy passage which shows some boys having a boxing match.

John then plays darts with the Warden and another boy, before the Warden retrieves a book which John goes to look at. In the book there are various photos of the activities undertaken by the club.

The next sequence shows members of the club (including girls) in white uniforms performing various acrobatic routines in a gymnasium; they jump a vaulting box, do impressive lifts and handstands.

John continues to leaf through the book that the Warden gave him and there is a fencing sequence, followed by a few brief shots of members playing table tennis.

The Warden then meets John's parents in a park outside the club. The Warden gets John to stop playing table tennis and go outside to talk to them. Outside, john talks to his parents, who then appear to give him some money. John heads back inside as his parents wave to him.

Title - The end.