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YFA 5495


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This is a film made by Hull engineer Cyril Elliot of the family at home in Hull, and on holidays in Rhyl and Scotland.

The film begins with children riding bicycles around in a circle.  Next, the children are seated on the beach at Rhyl watching “Prof. Bert Codman” with his Punch and Judy show.  They sit on the beach near the pier with ponies.  They go a long walk along the seafront, with a train passing along the coast. 

Back home on Humber Street, Hull, the children ride bicycles and scooters.  Then they are at Beverley race course, filming a race, before there is a brief glimpse of HMS Tiger, and then children playing with a puppy on a patch of grass. 

The family crosses the Firth of Forth Bridge (1966), stop off at a playground, and continue their journey, stopping off at various places on the way back, across the moors, with children collecting heather. They continue on to Edinburgh (seen at night), and the film finishes with an ice cream van.