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YFA 5493



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This is a film made by Hull engineer Cyril Elliot of family outings to Lake’s Farm Ingleton (1967), Blackpool (1968), Stirling Castle, botanical gardens, a zoo, and Melrose Abbey (1970). 

The film begins with a girl riding a white horse in a field, followed by an older boy and then a younger boy both riding the horse in turn.  A family group are standing near to a waterfall. 

The film switches to Lake’s Farm, Ingleton, where the mother is on a tractor, and her son also sits in the driving seat of a small tractor.  The film shows the outbuildings.  Sheep and cattle are released into a field containing horses.

Next, a boy is bouncing up and down on a Space Hopper on Blackpool beach.  Other members of the family also have a go. Then on to a children’s playground with rides and a miniature railway.  Back on the beach they play cricket, and again children play on a space hopper.  There is a short break and then they are on a monorail ride at a large fairground.  They wander around the fairground. 

They then visit Stirling Castle.  Then boys are riding on three wheel bikes. They look out across the Firth Bridge.  Children fish with fishing nets in a pond.  They visit botanical gardens and then a zoo before walking around Melrose Abbey and its gardens. The film finishes with a view down onto the streets of Edinburgh.