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This film is a comprehensive documentation of the police operations in Leeds covering the football match between Leeds United and manchester United on 2nd October 1976. The film chronicles the strategies employed by police as they escort supporters to and from Elland Road Stadium, and the on-going enforcement inside the stadium. There are also brief snippets the game between Leeds United and Manchester United.

The film opens showing the cover of Leeds United official match day program presented on a light blue background.   Police officers are given instructions for the day’s operations.  In Leeds, policeman chat to a teenager sporting flared jeans outside a shop called 'Wiltex'. Various shots show policeman patrolling the high streets and talking to fans; one particular shot shows a police officer holding a young Asian boy by the scruff off the neck. There are then several close up of a sign in a station the reads 'Leeds', and the shots of several platforms within the station. A train arrives on the platform and the travelling Manchester United supporters spill out onto the platform and head for the exit; many gesture at the camera.

Outside the stadium the supporters file down the streets, many of whom are wearing red scarfs of Manchester United, and policeman stop to search several men. The crowds walk out from a tunnel and continue past the' Dragonara casino', marshalled by policeman on horseback and some canine units. They walk past large areas of waste land littered with bricks and rubble.  There is then a shot of policeman who has a very personal conversation with a supporter before leading him off.

The next sequence opens with jubilant fans being escorted by policeman on horseback, as they head towards Elland Road stadium. The filmmaker then shows a shot of a Dog patrol police van, followed by two officers with their dogs. Leeds United fans, wearing denim jeans and white and yellow scarfs, are momentarily held up by a mounted policeman, before they enter a small tunnel beneath the overpass. Another group of supporters, predominantly young men, walks towards the camera sporting red scarfs. The fans are then brought to a halt and searched one at a time. There are then shots of a hot dog stand being set up as fans walk by.

A police control vehicle is parked in a car park, and fans can be seen milling about. From the inside of a car, the filmmaker captures a brief journey down a motorway and fans can be seen walking down a road that runs in parallel . There are then signs for the car park: 'visiting clubs coach park' and 'Leeds United AFC LTD official coach car park'. Several supporters then stand beside a wall which has 'Lowfields road stand. All season ticket holders only' painted on it. Leeds united fans then queue up outside the Lowfields road stand, waiting to be admitted. Various shots show policeman moving about the supporters, directing traffic and keeping order. A large police van rolls past the stadium, and then there are shots of Manchester United supporters waving at the camera.

A boy is then captured by the filmmaker beings searched by two policemen, and this is followed by general views of the supporters heading towards the stadium. Policeman with dogs walk alongside the pavement watching the supporters, and the camera captures fans gathering outside The Old Peacock pub, which has coaches lined up outside and a full car park. Supporters stand outside a pub drinking, and also inside the pub.  Policeman chat to some of the men while other drinkers come up to the camera and pull faces.

A supporter is then shown resting his head on the back of a car while a policeman stands above him. A brief shot of an ambulance is shown, and this is followed by a scene that shows a group of policeman receiving instructions from a senior officer by a police van. A bus which has a destination for Elland Road is then focused on. Along the pavement a large crowd of supports (predominantly men wearing flared denim jeans) are escorted by policeman on horseback, and other law enforcement officers follow on foot. The crowd, some quite young, are then lead down a muddy path, showing more of the rubble, that runs in parallel to a motorway.

An officer on horseback is then filmed making a call into his radio as the supporters move past. A group of supporters break out into a run as another group throw rocks at them from behind. The police get the crowd under their command and an officer can be seen talking to a few of the fans.

The filmmaker then captures the inside of a police van, where, on the floor, there are several metal badges that read 'I hate Man United'. Another group of fans walk down the path and these supporters have red and white scarfs, clearly Manchester United fans. As they walk past the police, one man is stopped and searched by an officer, who hands back his wallet, satisfied. More supporters wave to the camera as they cross an overpass, while a policeman with a husky dog watches. The Manchester United fans are lead onto an overpass by several officers and the fans wave and jeer at the camera.

A man selling badges from a suitcase is quickly shown. Then, in a more residential area, Manchester United fans cross a road and a troublemaker is physically escorted away by a constable. Following this, there are shots of a stall selling hot dogs and hamburgers, and views of Leeds fans making their way to stadium. More mounted police watch as fans walk past and the filmmaker gets a close up of a Manchester United badge on a scarf.

Outside the ground entrance the filmmaker shows a shot of the street from an elevated position; a long line of supporters fills the pavement as far as the eye can see. Outside the stadium and fans are continuing to walk round to their stands. One fan walks past the camera with a Leeds UTD banner draped over his shoulders. A father then ties a scarf around a young boy's arm and he waves it around. The next shots capture ticket touts selling tickets to fans and policeman on motorcycles driving past the Stadium.

Inside Elland Road stadium the stands are beginning to fill up and a panning shot captures the stadium in its entirety. The Leeds United players are lead out of the tunnel by their captain and the fans around the entrance applaud. The match is now underway; alongside the touchline a supporter is being escorted away by an officer. Manchester united fans then celebrate, suggesting that their team have scored. There are then shots of the stands being watched closely by policeman on the side-lines, who wrestle an over excited fan. The scene closes with several shots of officers escorting fans away down the touchline with their arms held behind their backs. A snippet of the football action is shown, with Sammy McIlroy tripping over  just he approaches the penalty area and Norman Hunter waltzing off with the ball.

In a police station a young man wearing a blue denim waistcoat stands at a desk giving his details. There are then shots inside the CCTV control room, and some policeman on the radios. A portrait shot shows one fan with a badly bruised eye, which is cleaned up by an officer. The next sequence opens in a police station; desk sergeants are taking the names of the various fans who have been arrested, and the filmmaker pans across to show a fairly lengthy queue. The next shot captures the police detention centre, where fans are sat in wooden chairs facing a wall.

A boy is then filmed trying to climb over the stadium wall, and in the next shot fans sit outside the stadium entrance, hoping to be admitted. There are then shots of a grand stand and images of the outside street shown on a CCTV monitor.

An expansive view captures a stretch of green near Elland Road where many cars and busses are parked, while in the background, several high buildings in Leeds centre are visible. Mounted police watch from a grassy hill as a huge crowd of supporters move down a road adjacent to the M1 motorway. Suddenly some sort of altercation breaks out and a small proportion of supporters break into a run, while others attempt to break through the police line and dash across the motorway to the bank on the other side. Several dog patrol police vehicles are parked in a parking bay; there is also a police van, and a closer shot reveals that several fans are sat in the back. The police van then drives off past the supporters, who now march up an overpass.

From a distance, the filmmaker captures a group of people braking across an area of wasteland on the outskirts of a residential street, with a policeman on horseback keeping pace. Next, both sets of fans sidle through designated routes under police escort, and then there is a shot of a squad car racing past the camera.

Outside an industrial building fans break into a run, before the filmmaker shows fans travelling past the 'Ramada Dragonara hotel', where a supporter antagonises a policeman. The officers try to keep order as a large group of supporters run through a park, and several of the fans are knocked to the floor in the melee. More shots of supporters show them running down a street, and a fight can be seen breaking out in the distance. The final few shots in this film show several supporters surrendering to officers, who then load put the troublemakers into the back of a police van.

Title - The Score: Attendance 44,500, Arrests 81, police injured 4. Leeds United 0 Manchester united 2.

Title - Photography - Rex Matthews (C.G.I.A., A.I.I.P., A.R.P.S., M.B.K.S.), Maurice Cooke. Sound - Gerald Hancock.

Title - Produced by the West Yorkshire Metropolitan police.

Title - The end.