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YFA 5231



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Made exclusively for the Central Picture House in Elland, this film features some events and local faces of Elland, a small market town in West Yorkshire. The film documents First World War Peace Celebrations which took place in July, 1919.

Title – Elland Peace Celebrations July 1919, Exclusive Central Pictures.

Title – In Town Hall Square.

A huge crowd of people have gathered in the Town Hall Square, and the A. Bailey & Sons shop can be seen in the background. Some bunting has been put up for the occasion, and many people in the crowd hold flags or banners, one of the banners reading, “Onwards and Upwards.” Most of the women are wear light coloured hats. The sea of people which fill the square sing along to a hymn. They all face a small raised state from which a man conducts a band off to the side of the stage and leads the crowd in song. The stage is also full of men, who are seated on folding chairs for part of the performance, and who later stand for one of the songs. There is more footage of the crowd before the procession begins.

Title – The Procession.

The procession begins down a narrow street, spectators standing on one side and buildings on the other. Most of the people in the procession are dressed in light coloured clothing, and the procession is made up of many different groups. Leading the procession is a group of children, some holding Union Jacks and many holding each other’s hands as they make their way down the road. A brass band follows the first children’s group before the procession is filmed from a different street corner. Here, the street is wider and more spectators can be seen lining the procession route. Two horses and carts pass, and there are well-dressed men seated in the buggies. Walking behind them are a group of men, possibly veterans, then a group of nurses, and finally a group of scouts. The scouts hold a banner as they pass. Many other groups make up the long procession and include many children, horse-drawn and motorized decorated floats, and a few bands. Religious groups have turned out as well, and an altar boy holding a banner leads his group. Following them are a group of children who hold up a banner which reads, “PEACE.”

As the procession is nearing its end, the double-decker tram seen in the background begins to move down the street. Again shot from the same angle as the beginning of the parade, more groups pass, some bands, and many people carrying flags and banners.

Title – Pin-fold.

An old man with a white beard stands on a chair from which he tries to direct people in song. There are decorations which hang behind him, and men stand close by. The men wave their hats to the camera and smile as they make their way out of shot.

Title – New Street.

The long terraced street is decorated with many lines of bunting and Union Jack flags which hang between the houses. The street is full of families which have come out for the Peace Day Celebrations, and many of the children pose for the camera. The street begins to fill with people who make their way past the camera, many of whom smile as they pass.

Two men sit on a stone wall with two small children. The film closes with blurry scenes of a wall near a mill, most probably Perseverance Mill, Dewsbury Road, as pedestrians make their way down the street. There is also a brief shot of a large engine and children to have gathered in a small group for the camera.

Title – The End.