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YFA 599



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This film captures the Allan family during their leisure time throughout the year including a Children's Day celebration on 29th June, 1929.

The film opens with a man in a suit and hat who walks down a town street. He is walking with two women wearing dresses and sun hats. The man and two women stand on the beach in front of the beach hut, and there are several boats moored on the beach. Groups of people stand on the jetty looking out at the beach, sea and buildings on top of the cliffs. The man and three women walk along the promenade past other families. Members of the family sit on deck chairs on the beach. A little girl in a white dress is playing in a rock pool with a woman. The children play on the beach with buckets and spades building sand castles. A little boy and girl walk along the sand holding hands. A little girl stands next to a woman and a baby in a pram. The family swim and paddle in the sea wearing their swimming costumes and caps.

Title - Children's Day 29 6 29

A group of girls dance together, holding hands in front of crowds. The girls are wearing dresses with white collars and white shoes with black tights. Crowds of people walk around the park. A large group of boys are pushing a pram along the path. Inside the pram is a man dressed as a baby. From the top of the hill, the arena bellow can be seen. It is filled with hundreds of children wearing white clothes lined up in rows on the outside of the arena. Crowds of people are gathered up and down the hill side. The children, carrying flags, march around the outside of the arena. A little girl dressed as a cook and carrying a saucepan runs along the path. Children ride on the miniature merry go round. A little girl, wearing a long white dress and bonnet, runs around playing with a dog. In the arena at the bottom of the hill, the children line up in rows in the centre. Families of the children are gathered in the sheltered stands. Girls wearing guide uniforms dance in the arena. They are waving scarves and skipping in circles. The guides sit on the grass holding banners "Help other people at all times" "Helpfulness" "Courtesy" "To obey the Guide law". Crowds of people walk around the stalls. Four guides practice their first aid skills on a man lying on the floor. The guides walk around the crowds together in a group wearing their uniforms. In a field scouts stand to attention in front of the tents and camping equipment as the scout leaders inspect them.

Two women and a little girl walk along steep hills in the countryside past a stream. A little black girl sits in a nursery, looking up with her mouth open.

A little girl stands in a stream, holding hands with a woman standing on the bank as she walks up stream. The girl and the three women smile and laugh and walk in the fields and past the stream. The little girl walks along the rocks next to the stream. The little girl and a man wearing a suit and shorts kip along the field holding hands. In a reversed film a man stands in the garden eating a banana, but it looks as though he is regurgitating it. The man, wearing a suit, paints the garden gate and fence, when the little girl runs from the garden to stand with him.

The family are gathered inside the house. A woman arranges flowers in the window.

A little boy lies on the grass next to a little girl pushing a go-cart. The children walk around the garden. The little girl holds a tennis racket and tries to hit the swing ball as the little boy plays with a football. The little girl pushes the go-cart along the grass. The little boy pushes a small wheel barrow filled with flowers and leaves on the grass. A man sits in the garden on a wooden chair next to a woman sitting on the grass. The two children push the go-cart and wheel barrow past each other in the garden past the swing ball.

Three women and a little girl walk down the country road together. A little girl drinks water that is flowing out of the wall. The women and the little girl sit by a wall with a dog and watch men wearing suits ride their motor bikes and bicycles up the rocky road.