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YFA 598



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This film captures the Allan family during their leisure time throughout the year.

The film opens with a man who rides along the road on a child's bicycle. He is smoking a pipe. The film is reversed to show the man riding the bicycle backwards along the road.

In the garden, the man smokes his pipe while sitting in a collapsed deck chair. He is next to a little girl sitting on the grass and wearing a bonnet. A woman is sitting on the grass next to three women sitting on deck chairs as the little girl pushes the collapsed deck chair over. The women sitting on the deck chairs wear sun hats and laugh. The man tries to stand the broken deck chair up right to hang his coat, but it keeps falling down.

Two women holding the little girls hand stand in a field. A man in a suit walks in the field holding the little girls hand.

Title - Cheerio Daddy.

The little girl holds her arms above her head and waves. Through a field of heather, the little girl walks to her mother who is sitting down in the middle of the field. There is a shot of an empty country road.

From on top of a hill, a boat is seen in the harbour below. The harbour, house roof tops, and factories are shown by the cliffs. The little girl stands in the streets with two women. Buildings surround the empty docks.

The little girl and mother walk along holding hands in a snow covered field. The little girl, a little boy, and a man dig the snow from the drive way with shovels. The surrounding countryside is covered with snow as two figures walk along the country road.

In a field the family caravan is parked next to a hedge row. Inside the man is collapsing the roof and sides. Outside he pushes in the sides to make it smaller and turns the handle to collapse the top, making the caravan a box shaped trailer.

In the garden two women sit on deck chairs as a girl sits on the grass. One woman is knitting while the other reads the newspaper. In the garden, a woman wearing a white uniform and head scarf stands next to a baby's pram, rocking it gently.

In a town street a traffic police officer is directing traffic as a boy walks across the road. A man rides a bicycle up the road, past people walking with sandwich board, motor cars, and horses pulling carriages.

Title - Bill Thorner September 1928.

A little boy walks around a car parked in the drive way and climbs onto the side of the car. The boy walks in the garden and plays on the tricycle with the little girl. The boy pours water from a metal bucket into a beaker, scoops up a table spoon of soil from the flower beads, and puts it into the beaker. The little girl rides the tricycle out of the garden gates. She is followed by a woman walking along, holding the little boys hand away from the car parked in the drive way (WU2224). They then walk down the road.

A reversed film shows cars driving backwards and people walking and cycling down a country road.

The family car pulls up at the petrol station, and two men come to help the man fill up the car.

A man and woman play doubles tennis in the garden on the tennis court. The film closes with four women and three men who stand on the tennis court with their tennis rackets, and one man is holding a tortoise.