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YFA 4340



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In the summer of 1953, Eli Simpson set out to make a film for the British Speleological Association called The Birth of a Yorkshire River or The Waters of Mawn. The film collection is comprised of rushes he shot at locations such as Ingleborough Cave, Malham Cove, and Hull Pot, all located in the Yorkshire Dales, and many of the films include both interior and exterior footage of the caves. The following film was shot on 10th May, 1953 at Clapham Cove Entrance and includes footage of the Fox Holes.

The film opens with a couple walking over the stones. They make their way to a man who is measuring an opening in the rock formation. They go onto examine the ground and walk over rock mounds. A woman is sitting near a rock pool.

A woman walks on a pathway near an old house and a large stone fence. A couple walk over stones.

Possibly at Hull Pot, there are cavers who climb down a rope ladder. One man climbs down while two others hold the ladder and safety rope at the top of the pothole. Three cavers sit on a rock, and the countryside can be seen in the background. This is followed by more attempts to climb up and down the rope ladder.

There are shots of the surrounding Lakeland and countryside, possibly near Ingleborough Cave. There are cows grazing in the field, and a man moving some rocks around. There are extensive scenes of the vast landscape.

A family poses by Malham Cove entrance. People are sitting on the bridge in Malham village, and there is more footage taken at the crossroads in the centre of the village. The film ends with more footage of the surrounding countryside and a waterfall.