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An overview of the North East Electricity Board's (NEEB) area of operation covering all regions in the North East, with music and commentary. Includes footage of NEEB electricity showrooms at Carliol House in Newcastle and retail activities, NEEB displays at the Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and the Durham County Show, workers leaving Rowntrees factory in York.  Industries documented include open cast mining at Ashington and Monkwearmouth Colliery, Swan Hunters ship yard, manufacture of television cathode ray tubes in Sunderland, Patons and Baldwins wool factory in Darlington, and sequences on NEEB working practices.

Title: Electricity - Power for Good

Credit: Produced for The North Eastern Electricity Board

Credit: By Turners Film Productions, Newcastle upon Tyne

Credit: Production Brian Nichol A.R.P.S. Photography Peter D. Smith A.I.B.P.

The film opens with a map showing the areas of Northumberland, Durham and part of Yorkshire.

General views of the moorland landscape of North Yorkshire. Various shots of combine harvester operating in a wheat field.

General views of industrial landscape, possibly chemical works.

Hundreds of women workers race out of the gates of the Rowntrees factory in York at the end of a shift. Brief portrait shot of a traffic policewoman. Rowntrees workers wait at the kerbside outside the factory gates as many other workers on bicycles ride past. Close-up of workers cycling by.

General view of the Tyne Bridge and the Swing Bridge in Newcastle.

General view of the River Tyne with a tugboat turning.

General view of the Transporter Bridge on the River Tees.

A man stands on York city walls looking out across the city, with York Minster in the background. Exterior shot of York Minster.

General view of a town square in the Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate.

A group of boys watch from the quay side as a fishing boat sails into Scarborough harbour, the castle in the background. A woman and two boys in a small boat row out of Whitby harbour.

General view of a farm.

General view of electricity pylons and an North East Electricity Board sub-station.

General views of coal mine works.

A man operates controls inside the mine works at Monkwearmouth Colliery, (or Wearmouth Colliery), located on the north bank of the River Wear, near Sunderland.

Various shots of open cast mining at Ashington Pit, with dragline excavator powered by electric motor operating.

Low angle general view and interior shots of steel works at both Dorman Long Giant Rolling Mills, Middlesbrough, and William Shaw's works on Teesside.

Various shots inside the Anglo Great Lakes Graphite Plant, Lemington, Newcastle. A Head Wrightson heat exchanger for Bradwell nuclear power station is launched into the River Tees at Thornaby.

Various shots of welders at work at the Swan Hunters shipyard.

A woman works on a production line assembling intricate parts for cathode guns for TV tubes.

A man works on a television cathode ray tube production line at the Thorn factory in Sunderland.

Women operate hand knitting machines in the modern Paton and Baldwin wool factory in Darlington. Close-up of packaged  "Double Quick" knitting yarn.

General views of farm and combine harvesting. Men work in grain silos on a farm. Shot of a sheep shearer at work. Various interior shots of a battery poultry farm housing thousands of hens.

Low angle shot of men on quay side helping to unload fish from a boat using baskets.

A man works at a lathe making tools.

General view of yellow double decker buses on a Newcastle street.

General view of an electricity sub-station.

Next, a woman moves around her modern kitchen using electrical appliances: loading cups into a top-loading dishwasher, opening her electric oven to check food, opening a large fridge and retrieving a plate of jam tarts. View through a doorway into a lounge with bright, modern upholstered wooden-armed armchair.

A Mercedes drives up to a driveway. Close-up as a woman's hand turns a key in a gatepost. The automated garage door opens and in drives the Mercedes.

Various general views of styles of electricity generating sub-stations. These include sub-stations at Thornton-le-Dale in the Vale of Pickering, Grangetown on Teesside. Various shots of pylons, national grid wires.

A surveyor works with his assistant in a field.

Two North East Electricity Board (NEEB) workers drill pole holes and lay explosive charges in the holes - pole hole blasting. A small underground explosion is set off, which creates a hole for a telegraph pole. Various shots of NEEB workers in hard hats erecting a telegraph pole.

A supervisor surveys farm fields.

Two coast guards set off a standard life saving rocket to carry a rope across a deep wooded valley, where an electric cable route is needed.

An NEEB official visits a landowner to discuss the installation of new telegraph poles.

NEEB workers pull down old telegraph poles that need to be replaced.

Various shots of many different styles of new sub-stations at sites such as St Marks Church, Harrogate, Queen Ethelburga's School in Harrogate, a shelter in Scarborough, with one rural sub-station built in a mock cottage style, and another integrated into public toilets..

NEEB workers dig roadside trenches for electric cables with the aid of a mechanical digger.

NEEB workers unwind a giant reel of electric cabling on a suburban street. A group of women and children gather to watch.

Various shots follow of men laying the underground cables and soldering cable together, known as jointing, for consumer supplies.

The first part of the film ends with various shots of NEEB workers testing, cleaning and repairing electrical meters and instruments.

General view of a farm house with early morning pink sky.

A farm worker attends to the automatic milking machine, cows hooked up to units. Close up of milking teat cups attached to cows udders.

General view of Smith and Waltons Limited, manufacturer of paint, Haltwhistle, Northumberland. Two women work on the production line for Hadrian paint. Close-up of paint filling cans.

The scene cuts to a close-up of telegraph pole and overhead power lines.

Lightning flashes in cloudy sky above farm, telegraph poles and power lines in foreground.

Milking cups drop from a cow's udder. The cow looks startled.

A power cut happens at the Smith and Walton factory, Northumberland. Two women workers on the production light are surprised as lights go out.

The next sequence depicts NEEB working practice as they respond to calls about the power cut. Shots include workers on telephone switchboard, in the regional control room, and turning on a different power unit feeder. Power returns to the Smith and Walton factory production line. Engineers are dispatched to the area, where the fuses are fixed and power restored.

Back in the milking shed, the milking machine is re-attached to the cow.

NEEB engineers arrive at a power line in the countryside. One engineer from an overhead line patrol team at a different checks the tops of the telegraph poles through binoculars. Vignette shot of view through binocular glass of broken insulator. The engineer enters a red telephone box and calls his colleagues. Mobile engineers arrive at fault location, one climbing up utility pole to fix power line.

Exterior shot of modern NEEB offices, Newcastle East District. Interior shots of office workers, then an electricity board depot workshop where a man works at a lathe and another tests valves.

General view Stockton and Billingham regional NEEB depot at Boathouse Lane, Stockton. Inside, workers are repairing cookers and other domestic appliances at the depot.

General views of the NEEB showroom and offices at Carliol House, Newcastle upon Tyne, and showroom display window.

Various shots of showroom interiors, customer service, demos and displays of new designs and equipment. Displays include Electrolux hoovers, cookers, modern lighting designs and Hotpoint washer. A male assistant demonstrates the new Hoovermatic to a female customer. Another female customer is shown an electric iron from a wall mounted display.

The commentary states: "Some housewives find technical details confusing..."

A woman demonstrates a large food mixer to a female customer. Close-up of her offering the glass of juice to the woman, who sips, smiles and mouths "lovely."

Close-up of an outrageous plate of wobbly jelly.

A woman with baby in hand takes a leaflet from a display of electrical appliances.

A travelling customer services worker visits a man and his greenhouse full of tomatoes.

General views of Victorian terraced housing with wide streets, and demolition of Victorian housing. General view of new lowrise, modern housing block in South Shields. A woman moves through the rooms of the new flat looking at the modern electrical appliances such as the cooker, built in clothes airer with "up to date - go electric" advertising tea towel hanging up inside.

General view of single storey pitmen's cottages. Interior shot of family in lounge with traditional open fire range at an old pitman's cottage in Murton, County Durham. A woman, the NEEB's millionth customer, takes food out of the range oven. The same woman is quizzed by two NEEB officials outside her new modern home. They enter and walk into her canary yellow kitchen, where she shows them a dish of food cooked in her new electric cooker.

NEEB delivery men unload new cookers to homes down a whole street in a Parkside estate, County Durham.

An NEEB worker installs and connects a new water heater.

An NEEB cookery demonstration takes place with an all-female audience. Women gather round a table of food.

An NEEB mobile showroom bus travels around rural areas. Shot of the road sign for Hawes.

Customers enter the mobile showroom. A male assistant shows one woman holding a baby a new electric kettle.Varios shots of displays of sales goods in the mobile bus. General view of bus travelling along country road.

The scene cuts to a grandstand and arena with horse and traps at the Yorkshire Show in Harrogate. Close-up of eye-catching, revolving "Electricity" sign at the show. Exterior shot of jazzy modern NEEB pavilion. Interior shots of farming and domestic equipment displays, with customers browsing.

Exterior shot of the NEEB Pavilion at Durham County Show. Inside, visitors examine domestic appliances on display in one long line. A man in equestrian clothing examines DIY tools.

Shots follow of "The Miracle Milker" farm equipment and a Brent Foster Mother for a piggery.

General nighttime shot of roads with multiple street lighting.

The next sequence follows the night faults response unit at work, opening with interior shots of an office equipped with an answer machine.  A man enters carrying a Gladstone bag.  He replays and records the message on the machine.

The scene cuts to a woman filling her kettle at the sink. Close-up of the frayed electric wire as she plugs in the kettle. There is a short in the electrical wiring. There's a power cut in the house. A man checks the main fuse box using a lamp in the dark. He phones the NEEB faults help line. A van is dispatched to the customer's house where a faultsman examines the electricity supply.Various shots of the NEEB's round the clock service in action, locating the electrical fault, fixing the fuse box and leaving.

Exterior shot of bungalow. Men are laying under floor heating inside. A family enjoy the comforts of a warm living room. Kids play on the lounge floor as dad reads the newspaper. Mother enters with the tea tray.

General view and interior shot of the modern factory building of Tyneside engineer firm, C.A. Parsons, which also has under floor heating. An NEEB engineer installs an electric storage heater at the firm.

General high angle view of boating lake in Scarborough (Peasholm Park?) with an NEEB worker replacing a bulb on bridge illuminations. General view of the performance by a lake at Scarborough Open Air Theatre, Northstead Manor Gardens. A theatre lighting technician positions a large stage light. Various shots of the audience and colourful electric illuminations.

An NEEB van of meter readers and collectors travels through Newcastle (Jesmond) streets. A meter reader calls at a semi-detached house, baby sitting in a pram in the front garden. The meter reader records his reading.

Back in NEEB offices, various shots record office workers (mainly female workers) such as women working in typing pool, billing and payroll departments, accounts, using office machinery such as a postal folding and franking machine and adding machines. A woman customer pays her bill at a customers services counter. An older woman in a floral apron hoovers an office corridor and dusts a framed photograph on the wall.

General view of multi storey office blocks. Interior and exterior shots of engineering workshops and young apprentices training in technology colleges. Close-up of examples of engineered tool parts. Tainee NEEB linesmen practice fixing power lines and cable jointing at a training school in Durham.

General view of Lambton Castle Residential College for Adult Education for engineers, accountancy, secretarial courses. An NEEB district engineer outlines the schedule of work to trainees or staff. Young trainees enjoy football and outdoor exercise in the grounds of Lambton Castle. The Board Advisory Committee (all men) meet for discussions around a table.

Montage of shots featuring hand switching on MEM industrial power switch, inside the Filling Room of a milk processing plant using Dawson Brothers Limited filling machine, a Ringtons Tea packaging production line, steel rolling machinery, hand switching on domestic socket, a wall fan whirls, hoovering up a carpet, switching on a water heater, water gushes out of tap, electric clock on wall, electric washing machine, toast pops up in a toaster, a family relaxes in their lounge where a woman pours out the tea.

The NEEB emblem closes the film.

Title: Electricity - Power for Good