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YFA 466



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This is a Charles Chislett film of a family holiday on the Isle of Elba, with their daughter and son-in-law, Rachel and Roy, with their two small children.

The film begins on a boat near to a port. Rachel and Roy, with their two children, come on board and join Grace on the deck. They journey along a mountainous coast with historic sights and old towns on the hills, seen from the boat. Inside, their apartment is fashionably decorated for this time.

On land, they watch a donkey pass by carrying both a rider and baskets from their apartment. They visit a market, with parked cars. Local people are sitting, talking, and going about their everyday life. Grace, Rachel and her daughter get into a white Fiat 500. The film shows the local countryside near to where they are staying, and Rachel and her daughter pick grapes from the garden of their accommodation. They drive off in the Fiat to the beach, carrying flippers, a dingy and other beach items. Out at sea people are water skiing. Rachel pumps up the dingy with a hand pump. Roy goes out rowing in it with the two children, later joined by Rachel, who also sunbathes laid out on a lido floating in the water. The children swim around her with inflatable rings. They all have a snooze on the beach before going swimming again.

They visit the house, in Portoferraio, where Napoleon stayed in his first exile. The walk around a village, where a dog is seen stretching to drink from a water fountain. They look out on the surrounding mountain scenery, with villages nestling in the hills. Boats are moored in the harbour. The children sleep on the beach as Rachel and Roy have a water fight in the sea, using the children's buckets. They go shopping in a local village and return to the villa. They tour the island filming the landscape, including the local harbour. A woman walks up some long steps, and a man comes up a hill riding a donkey carrying baskets.

Back on the beach the two children make sand castles with the children of other holidaymakers. Grace sits and reads on the villa patio. Rachel's son spills his yoghurt, and there is a sunset. Again they go to the beach, with Rachel donning the rubber duck. Rachel and Roy play with the children in the sea. Rachel's daughter swims without her inflatable ring, and they all clap. She then gets buried in the sand. Back at the apartment they load their luggage onto a white van, whilst Grace and the two children go for a walk, looking up at a nearby village. They drive down to a harbour and take a boat trip.