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YFA 6040



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This is the second of two reels of film taken by Peter Thornton of Farsley, Leeds, most likely while stationed in Egypt towards the end of the Second World War.  It features scenes of locals in a more rural area going about their everyday life.    

The film begins showing locals seated on the ground where they are eating and playing a game with stones.  There is a village and a market where some women are preparing food.  Following this is footage of local villagers going about their business and children playing.  Some women are washing clothes in a river.  The village is in the desert, with camels and cattle, with locals cooking and swimming in the river.  Some men are performing the Tahtib dance with sticks, accompanied by the tahvol (bass drum), the mizmar (folk oboe) and clapping.

(Col.)  The film ends with some colour footage of the desert, a mosque, and more camels