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YFA 6039



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This is one of two reels of film taken by Peter Thornton of Farsley, Leeds, most likely while stationed in Egypt towards the end of the Second World War.  This film features the Giza Necropolis and Cairo.

(B&W)  The film begins at the Giza Necropolis, with what seems to be a local guide looking around one of the Pyramids.  There are some soldiers and locals wandering around near the Sphinx.  Nearby a small army encampment has been set up, and there is a camel caravan moving off.

The next scene features an outdoor swimming at a large luxury house or hotel.  There is close ups of cactus leaves with writing on them, “Line Raymond 18-11-45.”  Yachts sail out on a lake, and city scenes of Cairo follow, including the statues the lions guarding the Kasr-el-Nil Bridge over the Nile.  A local man washes his hands under a public tap at an historic site.  Next is the Al-Rifai & Sultan Hassan Mosque and people are wandering around the nearby streets.  There are boats and fishermen on the River Nile, with some fisherman wading up to their chests and collecting their catch from nets.

(Col.)  There is more film of the same scenes in colour, and close ups of red flowers.  The film closes with a shot of a portable stand where drinks are sold.