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YFA 6030



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This film shows the manufacture of high-quality Effingham Steel Strip in Sheffield in the 1930s.  Using copious intertitles, the film gives a detailed description of the process, from hot rolling through the finished product of steel strip, with brief film of each stage being shown along the way.

The C & H Commercial film Service

This film shows the manufacture of high-quality Effingham Steel Strip in Sheffield, England.

Intertitle – Steel strip – hot rolling.
Intertitle – Reducing a steel billet weighing 70 lbs to about 150 ft. strip.
Intertitle – Removing the red hot billet for rolling, with long handled tongs.
Intertitle – Passing through the cragging mills for the first time.
Intertitle – Passing through grooves to attain required width. Note men brushing mill scale with 
leather brooms.
Intertitle – Being reduced from 3” square to 5/8 thick.
Intertitle – Passing through 3 sets of rolls at the same time.
Intertitle – Final pressing to get the required thickness.
Intertitle – Strip being taken by a “runner out” to coiling machine.
Intertitle – The machine is stopped to interlap the second of the three strips to make up one coil.
Intertitle – Pickling: hot rolled unreeled steel must be immersed in hot sulphuric acid to remove 
scale and produce a clean surface for cold rolling.  Coils being loaded on wagon in preparation for pickling.  Note steam hoist lifting coils from vat.
Intertitle – Cold rolling: Engine Room.  Horizontal steam engine showing rope drive.
Intertitle – Placing hot rolled and pickled coil in the “Bosh” in weak acid solution
Intertitle – Steel plates being cold rolled.
Intertitle – The plate is now being brought back after the first pass through the rolls.
Intertitle – Note change in appearance of strip, going in dull and coming out bright.
Intertitle – This is caused by the bright surface of the rolls.
Intertitle – Passing up chute.
Intertitle – Pen steel rolling thinner strip coiled on drum.
Intertitle – Gauging strip to 1/1000th of an inch.
Intertitle – Slitting.  Slitting cold rolled strip to gauge.
Intertitle – Electro-galvanising producing weather resistant strip for steam piper and revolving 
Intertitle – Passing over wooden drum to zinc bath.
Intertitle – Edging. Grinding a smooth edge on heavy gauge strip the machine grinds both edges at 
Intertitle – A light gauge strip machine.
Intertitle – The steel strip you have seen being produced is used for motor cars, bicycles, spinning machinery, gramophones, wireless, chains and stampings of all kinds.

Effingham Steel Works, Sheffield, England,
At the end there is a picture of the works taken from above.

The films shown were taken on Kodak safety film and were taken by Christie and Hodgson Ltd., 246 West Street, Sheffield.