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YFA 19



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This film was shot by Mr Frank Mottershaw of the Sheffield Photo Co. Ltd. The copy presently held appears to have been reworked with the title "Now a Surprise for the Prince" in 1933. Footage includes the arrival of the Royal Train in Sheffield, the progress of the Royal carriage through Sheffield city centre, an address by the King at the University, including views of the Firth Court quadrangle, and the presentation of new colours to the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in Weston Park.

Title - Now a surprise for the Prince. A Moving Picture of his Grand-father, King Edward VII, at the opening of the Sheffield University 1905, 28 years ago. Taken by the late Mr. Frank Mottershaw of the Sheffield Photo Co. Limited. (One of the motion picture pioneers).

The film opens with a black intertitle page informing us that King Edward is opening Sheffield University. There is a gate with 'Vickers Works - A Hearty Welcome' written above it. The next shot is filmed at the train station where the platform is crowded with onlookers. The local dignitaries wait to meet King Edward VII as he disembarks from the train. Once getting out of the train, the King meets those assembled.

The location of the film moves to the crowded and decorated streets of Sheffield. The King's carriage is both preceded and followed by a military entourage. Additionally, other carriages follow the Royal Carriage.

Title - The King Opening the Sheffield University.

The King's carriage stops (at what is presumably the new University), where he mounts a podium and is cheered on by a crowd. It looks like he gives a speech.

Title - The King Presenting New Colors to the K.O.Y.L.I. at Western Park.

The police march by with bands playing, and the film ends with a presentation.