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YFA 5217



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This is a compilation consisting of various Topical Budget and Gaumont Graphic newsreals from the First World War.  The first item includes footage of the bomb damage in Scarborough following the 1914 attack, and other news items feature events during the war in Europe.

Title – East Coast Shelled – The havoc caused by the German Warships in their raid on Scarborough, Whitby, and West Hartlepool

A bomb damage roof of a terraced house is shown, followed by some children walking past the Grand Picture Palace in Scarborough – wrecked by a bomb from the sea offensive on 16 December 1914 – where the longcase clock is. The children pick through the rubble.  There is a brief shot of the damaged lighthouse in Scarborough and then on the rooftop of the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, with two men inspecting the damage.

Title – Some of our foes – Austria offers searing allegiance to the dual empire
There are lines of soldiers swearing an oath, raising their swords, as they get a blessing from a priest.

Title- Captured Guns – German Prisoners watch the departure of their captured artillery
A group of soldiers watch laughing as one of them gives a demonstration of one of the large rotating guns that they have captured.  There is a goods train with canons loaded onto the wagons.

Title – The Last Belgian City – The 14th Regiment of the Line (Belgian) passing through Furnes on their return to the front
Troops march through a town centre with a hay cart passing in front.

Title – “Everything comes to he who waits,” chuckled the last little horror as he tenderly held out his 147 arms for anything floating about
A flower is shown wilting, speeded up.

Title – Oh! Ours is a happy, happy land!
Followed by sea creature, or plant, with many arms. 

Title – (Gaumont Graphic) Cardinal Bournes’ Visit to Newcastle Lord Mayor and Corporation attend high mass at St Mary’s Cathedral
There is a brief glimpse of a ceremonial parade going into a church.

Title – (Daily Sketch Topical Budget) New Governor of Northern Ireland state entry into Belfast of the Duke of Aberrcorn
There is a parade through Belfast city centre to the City Hall, followed by an inspection of troops and a canon display.  Dignitaries leave the City Hall.

Title – Sir Games Craig Premiere (both titles on BFI catalogue)
Dignitaries stand talking in the entrance to the City Hall, and the film comes to an end.