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This is one of several award winning films made over a seven year period by Bill Davison of Selby Cine Club.  The film was selected as one of Movie Makers "Ten Best."  This film follows the story of a young man and an older woman who have both, seemingly, recently finished a relationship and are moving somewhere else.  Despite moving on, they are both haunted by their past loves.  The woman picks up the man, who is hitchhiking, and they have a brief flirtation before tragedy strikes.  The film won Best Editing at the annual Movie Maker awards.

Title – Peter Stegall, Pat Glew 
Title – In Bill Davison’s, Eclipse

The film opens with the sun shining through the trees in a wood.  A young man lies asleep in a sleeping bag on the floor of the wood.  He is dreaming of a woman in the sunshine running through the wood towards him.  He wakes and gets dressed.  

Now in Leeds, there are large cranes and an apartment where a woman is woken by an alarm clock.  She gets up and packs a suitcase as she contemplates a photo of her (presumably) ex-husband who she imagines speaking to her.  She takes the case to the car.  The film returns to the man who is now on a roadside, along with a hippy looking man, hitchhiking.  The song ‘Groovin with Mr Bloe’ plays in the background.  He stands waiting for some time as we watch cars go by.

Meanwhile, another older man is seen waiting at the window of a house.  The woman drives along the motorway, past an advertising sign, ‘A phone gets you closer to someone.’  She stops at a red public telephone box and goes to make a call, and just before doing so, images of her ex-husband keep springing up in her mind.  The man hitchhiking also has flashbacks of his ex-lover.  The older man gets into his car with a briefcase, while the woman enters a church, fiddling with her wedding ring.  

The woman continues on her journey and stops to pick up the man who is hitchhiking.  They chat in a friendly way as they drive along, and he puts on the radio, listening to the Peddlers song, ‘Tell the World We're Not In.’  They start laughing, although both imagine their former lovers.  They stop at a transport café before continuing their journey, and she puts her hand on his leg as they drive along.  Her car is next seen parked on a bridge going across another road, and as they kiss and fondle each other, both imagine their former lovers.  He gets out the car and makes his way to the other road passing underneath the bridge.  He keeps looking back and she looks at him with a blank expression.  He steps into the road, unexpectedly, and is hit by the older man who is driving past at the time.  The woman comes down to see him, still with a blank expression, as he lies there re-imaging his former scenes with his ex-lover.  The film finishes with the man still lying in the road, dead.