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YFA 2292



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This is a film made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne of a War Weapons Week event held in Ecclesfield, near Sheffield, which highlights a parade that takes place in the village. It was made by a local dentist who filmed other such activities in the village throughout World War Two.

The film opens in the village where a brass band leads a Home Front forces march including Home Guard, Firemen and Police down a street through the village and into the countryside.

Then, a group of soldiers, leaning on a civilian automobile, stare at the camera. The procession marches over a bridge and spectators lines the pavements. Next, the filmmaker captures an elevated shot of the procession marching through Ecclesfield, and a sign on one of the houses reads 'Commer karrier'. Next, a sequence shows the parade once again from street level, the parade includes various trucks decorated with posters.

The procession then continues down a street; soldiers carry their rifles. A man in medieval style clothing then becomes the focus for a brief period, before the filmmaker cuts to a brass band playing in a field